The Place Where I Live

Someone had too much time on their hands, resulting in the publishing of a nifty map of where all the sitcoms were located. Of course, most are in NYC or LA. Nary a sitcom in North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, or South Carolina. Looks like nothing in Maine or Nevada either. Of course, they did only consider shows on for 2 years or more. Alas, I don’t see McKeever and the Colonel, but it was only on one year. Hmmm, Nanny and the Professor appears to have been on only one year as well. Same for “The Governor and JJ” (which I remember only because “All in the Family” replaced it mid-season). But they did miss Courtship of Eddie’s Father, which was on multiple years, as well as Room 222.

So, are the sitcoms you remember on their list? I’m betting some of us folks (well, not you yungun’s) can find more missed shows.