Getting Territorial over Charoset

I’ve been known for years and years for the good charoset* I make for the Pesach table. I typically make a large container of it, for it not only serves us for the Pesach table, but we eat it all week for breakfast and the occasional snack. Charoset tends to come out early in the seder (the Pesach service), so folks tend to much on it while waiting for dinner. We’ve switched to a version of the service that puts out a chopped veggie tray early in the service…. but no, they go for the charoset.

This year, I noticed as a few folks just chowed down on the charoset that I was getting internally territorial. I was putting out smaller bowls, and we had to refill them even before the dinner started. I know this shouldn’t bother me (after all, it doesn’t bother me with the other stuff we put out for Pesach). I know I can make more whenever I want. Further, I don’t remember the territorial-ness from my childhood — back then, we seemed to get this really weird paste, and no one chowed down.

Does anyone else get territorial over the food they make?

* for those unfamiliar, charoset (or at least my charoset) is a mix of chopped apples, walnuts, cinnamon, sweet Kosher wine, and chopped dried fruit (this year, raisins and apples, but I’ve used dates and prunes in the past).

P.S.: I was going to use my Pastrami picture, but then realized that it might be inappropriate to use a picture of a sandwich during passover. Do I have to sell my userpics containing bread?