Today’s Lunch: Leftovers. Yum.

It’s lunch time. That means it is time for some chum:

  • From the “So I Guess That Remake of Dallas Is Out” Department: The New York Times is reporting that conspicuous consumption is out. No longer do we attempt to impress our friends and neighbors with the latest and greatest toy. Instead, we make do and compete to be the most thrifty. In fact, USA Today is reporting that the number of web searches that included the word “coupon” rose 161%. Folks are out to save, not spend, no matter how our president encourages us to revive the economy by spending. Perhaps he should wear a bit more bling to set an example?
  • From the “He May Know Your Name, But He Doesn’t Care” Department: It appears that Eddie Doyle, the real-life bartender at the real-life Boston equivalent of Cheers, has been laid off after 35 years due to the economy. Additionally, good luck on getting that Maytag refrigerator that was just recalled repaired. I hear the Maytag Repairman may also be getting a notice for lack of work.
  • From the “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” Department: Confirming something migraine suffers could have told you, migraine frequency goes up in hot weather. It also appears to go up (but by a lesser amount) when the barometric pressure is low. I guess it has to be “just right” for us to not have headaches. Sigh.