May Be Of Interest To Some, But Not To Others

  • Hey larymotrmn! You might be interested in the San Fernando Valley Historical Society meeting on Thursday night at 7:30pm 7:00 pm at the Andres Pico Adobe (map). The speaker is David Coscia on “Pacific Electric Railway and the History of the San Fernando Valley”. I think we need some shills in the audience to keep him honest :-).
  • Hey cast album and theatre fans! With the recent merger of Sirus and XM, I was worried about the future of “Downstage Center”. For those unfamiliar with it, Downstage Center is an interview program hosted by Howard Sherman of the American Theatre Wing and John Von Soosten. With the merger, “On Broadway” moved from XM 28 to XM 75 (Sirius 77) and changed on-air hosts. So I dropped a note to the folks at the American Theatre Wing. Their response:

    Sirius XM has informed ATW of their intent to continue “Downstage Center,” but details are to be worked out. We are currently waiting for further details and hope to be back on the air very soon.

    Fans are welcome to express their support by writing to:

    On Broadway
    Sirius Xm Satellite Radio
    1221 Avenue of the Americas
    New York NY 10020

    We need to write Sirius XM and let them know to support this excellent program.

  • Hey, Cy Coleman Fans! In other theatre stuff, finally Cy Coleman’s “The Life” is being done in Los Angeles. Alas, another one of Cy’s shows I want to see, “I Love My Wife” is up on Goldstar, but the one date I can make (Saturday @ 2pm) is sold out. I do hope it shows up again.
  • Hey, Big Bang Theory and Humor Fans! To those that have never watched “The Big Bang Theory”: You should. This was the week they introduced rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock to the world. Further, if you have a TIVO, look at the end card. Here’s this week’s (every week is different):

    Dear George Lucas,

    May I call you Mr. Lucas? On behalf of the writers of The Big Bang Theory, I would like to thank you for your astounding body of work, which has awakened the child within us and unleashed our dreams. That being said, we hope you don’t take offense at our good-natured jest regarding your most recent animated efforts. Yes they were cheap shots, but we can’t help but hold you to a higher standard — a standard of your own making. In closing, we are all looking forward to Indiana Jones 5 – The Curse of the Golden Catheter. Oops, sorry again.

    Very truly yours,

    The Writers

    P.S. To William Shatner, director of Star Trek 5. Go ahead, sue us.