DirecTV Update

Folks may recall that, over the weekend, I wrote about the problems we were having with DirecTV–in particular, we kept having outages where we couldn’t receive the first four Showtime channels: 537, 538, 539, and 540.

We had the DirecTV technician out yesterday. It turns out that our original installer at the end of June screwed up. Not only did he install every connector wrong (each causing a loss of 10% of the signal), but he put in the wrong dish (oval instead of round). The problem now seems to be fixed.


In other news, this was the week we got our love note from the county, together with our supplemental love notes. Ouch! Now I see why the counties aren’t objecting to the run-up in property values… it brings them a hell-of-a-lot more in property tax income. Our tax has more than tripled from what it was at the old house.

Update: I normally pay by printed check. But I know there are folks that pay electronically. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that payments may now be made electronically, at or at The service is called Vcheck, and to use it, taxpayers fill out an electronic check with their bank routing number and checking account number, and provide their e-mail address. For those cutting it near the edge of the due date, this might give a few more days.