Must… Have… More… Music

Over the weekend, I made a mistake. Well, not really. We hit Record Surplus in West Los Angeles. Picked up a bunch of LPs (plus a few CDs), and I’m now busily ripping them to MP3 (I’m no longer going to bother putting them on CD). What did I get? Two Mary Travers albums, a Mason Williams album, Me and Juliet (Rogers and Hammerstein), Mr. President (Irving Berlin), Rex (Rodgers/Harnick), Harry Chapin: Lies and Legends, Redhead (Hague/Fields), Cy Coleman Plays Wildcat, Off The I Sing/Let Them Eat Cake (Gershwin), Carnival (Merrill), and Dames at Sea. That, plus about six CDs (including a Sergovia boxed set) was just under $100.

Yes, I have over 17,000 songs on my iPod. Why do you ask?