And They Call The Wind Mariah

I’m beginning to see lots of folks posting about the storm in Northern California. I haven’t seen it start raining down in Southern California yet, but they predict later this evening it will start.

Am I worried?

As I wrote in response to someone else’s post, I don’t expect the wind will bother me, but then again, I live in Northridge, and we get really bad Santa Ana winds. I don’t think folks in Northern California get Santa Ana conditions up there (or at least they don’t call them that).

We’ll probably get our usual flooding down here: the Sepulveda Dam basin will be closed, folks will play slip-n-slide on the freeway, fear and panic will ensue, the canyon roads will be closed by mudslides, and at least one trailer park will either slide down a hill or be washed away near a creek.

In other words, just a typical stormy day in Southern California.