December Updates to California Highways

The December updates to California Highways are up. These updates mark the start of a project elluded to in the last paragraph of the changes in the cut tag: reworking the chronology based on the leads provided by Nathan Edgars in his work for Wikipedia. These led me back to the original statutes, and are allowing me to not only make significant updates to the Chronology (although Nathan and I seem to have some differences of opinion on how to present the information, which is why I’m not on Wikipedia), but to make changes on a route by route basis. I invite you to look at the updated chronology, especially the early periods from 1895-1914, 1915-1932, and the information for 1933 in the 1933-1946 part. The updates post-1933 are being captured route-by-route (first the post-1963 changes and then the pre-1963 changes), and I’ve only done up to Route 22.

Additionally, go take a look at the route pages for any route between 1 and 22, and you’ll see significant new information both on the post-1963 legislative changes for the route (“Post-1964 History”), as well as updates to the earlier history (“1928-1963 History”) and the history of the route as a Legislative Route Number (“Pre-1963 Legislative Route”). You’ll now see a closer tracing of the legislative changes to the route, including quotes (where appropriate) from the legislation for each change.

As I said, this is a work in progress, so comments are welcome. After I do my beginning of year backups and some other stuff, work will continue on from Route 23.

As for the specifics of the changes, you know you want to click on the cut below…

Based on my reading of the papers, some mailed in updates, and some updates from misc.transport.road, I updated information on the following routes, based on my research(1), and contributions of information on leads (via direct mail or Usenet) from Mike Ballard(2), Nathan Edgars II(3), Mark F(4), Susie Martin(5), Carl Rogers(6), and Chris Thomas(7): Route 4(6), Route 14(2), Route 46(2), Route 78(2), Route 91(4), Route 111(2), Route 138(2), Route 168(7), Route 178(2), Route 180(2), Route 241(1), Route 259(3), Route 905(2), US 395(1), I-5(2,5), I-10(1), I-15(2), I-110(1), I-210(1), I-215(1). I also updated information on the numbering of call-boxes, provided by Sybille Phillips.

There were no updates to legislative information, as the legislature is out of session.

Updated the statistics on the progress of the exit mile numbering. Thanks to Don Howe of Caltrans for this information.

Reviewed the December CTC Summary and Web Books. I noted the following items for inclusion:

  • 2.1a. Program Amendments/Project Approvals – STIP Amendments for Action

    *** (1) The Department proposes to amend the STIP to reprogram $1,206,000 of RIP Environmental (PA&ED) for the Route 118 Widening project (New Los Angeles Avenue to Tapo Canyon Road, PPNO 3002) in Ventura County to the Route 118 Widening Phase 2 project (Tapo Canyon Road to the Los Angeles County Line, PPNO 4006). Ventura County Transportation Commission concurs with this request.

  • 2.1b. Program Amendments/Project Approvals – STIP Amendments for Notice

    ***The Department and the Sonoma County Transportation Authority propose to amend the STIP to update funding plans consistent with the adopted CMIA funding plans for the following three projects: US 101 HOV Lanes – Railroad Ave. to Rohnert Park Exp (PPNO 0775), US 101 HOV Lanes – Wilfred Ave to Santa Rosa Ave. (PPNO 0781E), and US 101 HOV Lanes between Santa Rosa and Windsor (PPNO 0749).

  • 2.1c. Traffic Congestion Relief (TCR) Program Application Approvals/Amendments


  • 2.2a. Environmental Matters – Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

    *** Route 5 in Sacramento County – Roadway improvements near Sacramento (NOP)

  • 2.2b. Environmental Matters – Comments on Documents in Circulation (Draft EIR)


  • 2.2c. Environmental Matters – Approval of Projects for Future Consideration of Funding, Route Adoption or New Public Road

    *** (1) Route 1 in San Luis Obispo County – Roadway improvements near Cambria (MND)

    *** (2) Route 5 in San Joaquin County – Roadway improvements near Stockton (EIR)

    *** (3) Route 91 in Riverside County – Roadway improvements in Riverside (MND)

    *** (4) Route 24 in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties New tunnel and roadway improvements near Oakland (EIR)

  • 2.3a. Route Adoptions

    *** Rescission of Freeway Adoption: 3-Sut-99 PM T36.0/42.2; 3-But-99 PM 0.0/13.1

  • 2.3b. New Public Road Connection


  • 2.3c. Relinquishment Resolutions

    *** 3-ED-49-PM 11.8/11.9 Route 49 in the county of El Dorado, consisting of right of way in the townsite of Diamond Springs, county of El Dorado, from approximately 213 feet west of the existing intersection of Route 49 and Pleasant Valley Road to 525 feet north of the existing intersection of Route 49 and Pleasant Valley Road and 256 feet east of the existing intersection of Route 49 and Pleasant Valley Road, consisting of superseded highway right of way.

    *** 8-SBd-66-PM 0.0/4.08 Route 66 in the city of Upland. This was the segment authorized for relinquishment by AB 3030 (Chapter 507, 9/27/2006).

    *** 10-Ama-49-PM 9.0/11.7 Route 49 in the county of Amador, consisting of five segments of right of way in the county of Amador, between PM 9.0 and 11.7, that were superseded highway right of way and relocated and reconstructed county roads.

  • 2.3d. Vacation Resolutions

    *** 8-Riv-86-PM 11.43 Route 86 in the county of Riverside, consisting of right of way in the county of Riverside, at 0.18 mile southeasterly of Middleton Street, consisting of right of way no longer needed for State highway purposes.

The big effort was thanks to some extensive work done by Nathan Edgars II within the Wikipedia project. He developed a number of tables that allowed me to complete and update the various chronologies on the site, which affected most of the routes. In particular, the following pages were primary sources for updates to the existing chronology made in 2007: When each route was added to the state highway system, History/F&E System, List of route numbers, 1917-1931, History/Legislative act roads, History/List of laws by route (pre-1964), History/List of laws by route (post-1964). Nathan also found this useful site, which contains all state statutes.This turned out to be an extensive effort, one that will take multiple months to complete. So far, the chronology has been updated and corrected up to 1933, and I’m working on 1935. I’ve also started to make changes to the individual highway pages, with preliminary work having been done on the following routes and their associated LRNs: Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, Route 4, I-5, US 6, Route 7, I-8, Route 9, I-10, Route 11, Route 12, Route 13, Route 14, I-15, Route 16, Route 17, Route 18, Route 19, Route 20, Route 21, and Route 22. Work will continue on this project into 2008, route by route.

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