If it’s Tuesday, it must be Observations on the News

Some interesting articles from the news today:

  • From the “Your Pet Did What?” Department: According to the LA Times via AP, Viacom is buying Neopets. This is something my daughter enjoys playing (and hopefully she’ll be able to play again today), and I know that other LJers are out there as well. To me, I find this encouraging, as it helps me (as a parent) have confidence that the site is not doing anything nefarious. Neopets will be under the Nick banner, which has reputation to uphold.
  • From the “Hitting the Sauce” Department: Heinz is acquiring Groupe Donone, makers of Lea & Perrins sauce. Mmmm. Makes me want a stake (or should that be steak). But they’ll have to change all their bottles, as there are now more then 57.
  • From the “But Can They Paint Dogs Playing Poker?” Department: According to AP, paintings by Congo the Chimp netted more than $25,620 after going under the hammer alongside works by Renoir and Andy Warhol on Monday at Bonhams in London. You know, I could never appreciate modern art!