Tea Time Again

Well, I was running low on some of my favorite blends, and so it was time to place another tea order. What was it today? Well, if you must ask:

Ceylon Breakfast (100g)
(An ultra smooth version of English Breakfast with a beautiful golden color in the cup)
Christmas Morning (100g)
(blend of Darjeeling First Flush, Indian Assam, China Keemun and Yunnan, southern Indian teas, Formosa Oolong and Jasmine Flower)
Darjeeling Okayti (100g)
(from the Okayti estate, this wonderful, more full-bodied Darjeeling brews a deep golden liquor.)
Stash House Blend (100g)
(blend of Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Oolong, Keemun and Jasmine)
Stash Millenium Blend (100g)
(blend of Kopili Estate Assam, Kenilworth Estate Ceylon, Green Darjeeling, Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, Dragonwell Special Grade, Formosa Oolong, Mutan White and Keemun Hao Ya)
Stash Bread and Breakfast Blend (100g)
(A full-bodied blend of fine black teas including Kopili Estate Special Assam, Tiger Hill Estate Nilgiri, and Kenilworth Estate Ceylon. Very smooth finish)
Double-Spiced Chai (100g)
(For Chai lovers, more spice than our Chai Spice, and coriander and whole cardamom for an even more flavorful drink.)

The last item is for home. The rest will be added to what is already on my shelf at work: Stash Organic Ambootia Darjeeling, Stash English Breakfast, Stash Lemon Myrtle Black, Stash Pomegranate Black, Stash Millenium Blend, Stash Fusion Green and White, Stash Premium Green, and Peets Anniversary Breakfast Blend (which they don’t make anymore)

Now, to have some tea with lunch…