Looking for a Date? Have I got the person for you.

According to the New York Times, there’s a new matchmaker in town. No, it’s not okcupid or jdate or eharmony; it’s not Yahoo! or a personal ad. It’s mom and dad.

That’s right, mom and dad.

Evidently, in this modern era of blogs and online communications, parents are helping there kids find suitable dates, if not mates. Quoth the article, “If you’re going to give J Date a shot, why not give your mother a shot?”

Some other choice quotes:

  • There is a very high appreciation of parents nowadays, which is unusual.
  • But some say a parent’s suggestion to spend Saturday night with the upstanding son of a business acquaintance is not the same as meddling in college admissions or helping complete a term paper to beef up a grade. […] it is not much different from a parent’s suggesting a child call a family friend who runs a company that needs some business administration graduates.
  • For many parents, setting up a date for an adult child is not all that different from arranging toddler play dates, only there are beers and bar stools where there were once sandboxes and seesaws.

Its actually an interesting article, talking about how changes in the world have led to this. Still… I would never have let my parents set me up. We had totally different tastes in women. I think my mom wanted me to marry a fashion-plate bitchTM, while my tastes ran to something more cuddly and smart.

So, if you’re single, would you let your parents set you up with a date? If not… I might have a friend for you… in loco parentis