Kudos to AAA

Two weeks ago today, I wrote how my car had been tipped on its side by vandals. Within an hour after the police left, AAA was there to tow the car to the repair shop. Working through the AAA’s Direct Auto Repair program, by the time my wife got to the repair shop, the rental car under our coverage was waiting for her. Two days later I wrote how our insurance had assessed the damage and totalled the car. Although we originally wanted a Honda Fit, due to its scarcity and size, we settled on a Toyota Matrix XR. Using the Auto Club Buying service, we went to their recommended dealer who found us just what we were looking for, at a no-hassle $350 over invoice. We picked up the car last Wednesday. Today, two weeks to the day that my car was tipped, we received a check from the Auto Club for $8,905.33, which was the estimated replacement cost for the vehicle, less our $500 deductable. We’re still expecting just a bit more for this, as they had it down as a manual when it was an automatic.

Still, this speaks very well of AAA. Two weeks from damaged vehicle to check in hand with a completely reasonable reimbursement amount. A no-hassle replacement car purchase. Job well done, AAA.