🗯️ Taking the Pledge

userpic=trumpThere’s a meme going around Facebook asking why we ask our students to pledge allegiance to the flag every day, but we don’t ask our leaders to recite their oath of office every day? That’s a damn good question.

First and foremost, we should push our Democratic representatives to pass a bill requiring all congresscritters, senators, and executive officers to recite their oath of office every workday in front of the staff. This would be win-win. First, it would remind them daily that their duty and allegiance is to the Constitution above all, not to the President. Second, if they refuse to do it, what does that say about where their loyalty lies? It’s not un-American to disagree with the President, but to refuse to affirm your oath of office?

Next, on the Pledge itself. We’ve debated whether “under God” belongs in the Pledge, but no one debates “with liberty and justice to all”. That’s not qualified. Citizen and non-citizen. Hetero or homo. Gender normative or not.  Any race. Any creed. Any sex. “to all” is simply that — to all. We need to remind those folks who fight for “under God” that they must honor the rest of the pledge — arguably the most important part — as well.