Fit to be Tied

My wife has been calling around on the Honda Fit all day. It seems there are 16 of them in Southern California… and 12 of them are black… and the other 4 have been presold! Needless to say, it looks like it will be difficult to get one.

As a result, we’re considering our second choice: The Toyota Matrix. What are the plusses and minuses?

The plusses: The Matrix is slightly larger and slightly heavier. It has a larger (1.8l vs. 1.5l) engine that gives more horsepower proportional to weight. It has significantly better emissions (Tier 2 bin 5 / ULEV II vs LEV II for the Fit). It is slightly roomier, and it think it has slightly more cargo space. It is easier to find; there are more of them on dealer lots.

The minuses: It costs about $2K-$3K more, has a slightly larger turning radius, and gets milage equal to my Civic, instead of being better. It isn’t as “sporty” has the Scion xB or the Fit.

The Fit has an engine roughly equal to my Civic. I remember how the hamsters would pant trying to get up Sepulveda Pass at 65mph. The larger engine might do better on the freeways. We’re going to give it another test drive tomorrow on our way to see Tick, Tick, Boom.