But the Color Is Fine! Black is a great color! It Sets Off Your Wig!

[OK, who gets the reference in the subject line?]

Yesterday I did a long post looking at the different potential replacement vehicles. We’ve pretty much decided on the Honda Fit. Of course, just like when we purchased the Honda CRV a few years ago, we’ve picked a model that is in short supply and disappearing off the lot as soon as they get in (meaning we’re going to be paying MSRP :-(, and we’ll be lucky to not have them add “Extra Dealer Profit”). Luckily, going in with internet or repeat customer pricing often gets rid of that extra.

Today, I’m capturing my thoughts on the most important question. Color. Now, black may be a great color for crossing the Delaware, but it is horrible in the San Fernando Valley in the summer. Red is also a bad color, being a ticket magnet. Thus, I will not get a black or a red car. So, given the remaining options, here is my current thinking on colors and priorities:

1st Choice
Taffeta White w/Beige Interior

I like this because it will be the coolest in the summer, which can make a big difference in the San Fernando Valley

2nd Choice
Taffeta White w/Black Interior

The white exterior will keep things cool, but the black interior is less than ideal. However, only one combination for the Fit Sport is available with the beige interior.

3rd Choice
Blaze Orange Metallic w/Black Interior

Although others may disagree, I like the orange (which is more of a bronze)… but then I’m a person that likes brown. It will likely absorb heat less than the dark silver, which is almost black.

4th Choice
Storm Silver Metallic w/Black Interior

I had a silver car before. The biggest problem with the silver cars is that it is difficult for other drivers to see them.

5th Choice
Vivid Blue Pearl w/Black Interior

I like the blue… it’s pretty. But it also absorbs heat, which is why it is rated so low.

6th Choice
Lunar Mist Metallic w/Beige Interior

Light silver, beige interior. So why isn’t this the first choice? Simple. Honda, in their infinite wisdom, only makes this choice available in the base Fit model. We’re looking more at the Fit Sport, simply because it comes with the alarm system and upgraded radio preinstalled.

I’d welcome your opinion on the color combinations, remembering I live in the San Fernando Valley, where summers regularly have days over 100°F.

One other question: I’ve never gotten a personalized license plate before. Should I get one this time? If so, which type (I personally lean towards the Arts or UCLA plates, but they limit you to 6 characters)? If so, what should it say (I’m thinking CAHWYGY for 7 letters, or CAHWYS for 6 letters)? The cheapskate within me just isn’t sure it is worth the cost.