God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise

[Cross-posted, with minor modifications, to chk_is_life]

The subject is quite literal.

Today was S&F’s Camp Reunion day. So, because we both love camp so, we trudged out to Camp Hess Kramer. For those of you unfamiliar with the camp, it is about 1 mi N of the Los Angeles/Ventura county line, in Little Sycamore Canyon.

It was an interesting drive out. Kanan Dume Route (LA County N9) was open, but there was evidence of recent mudslides and loads of water pouring off the hills. Pacific Coast Highway (CA 1) was actually in worse shape: much more mud and water on the roadway. But we made it out.

Not that many people did. I’d guess that overall there were perhaps 20 campers there. A bunch of staff, including the new director, Doug; the past director, Howard; the assistant director, Becca; and the office manager, Cheryl. I don’t think anyone from the chk_is_life community was there; at least no one came up and recognized me (although it could be that I’m much older than the typical members of the community—you know how the LJ age breakdown goes). Hilltop was closed, as there were landslides on the road. At Kramer, the creek was within a foot of some of the bridges (by now, it may be over), and looked like a white-water rafting locale. S&F wanted to show me her cabin, so we hiked (in the rain) for a mile to the cabin area, saw the cabins, and hiked back. We had some more punch, talked about DVD vs. hardcopy yearbooks (they are going DVD only next year), and then came home. S&F will be going back to camp next year, although she still wants an 8 day session (not 12), so she’ll be trying the Tsofim session at Hilltop.

The ride home was worse. By this point, it was pouring. Visibility was nil. PCH was getting pretty yucky at points, but open. Kanan Dume was open, but again, yucky at points. In the valley, the freeway crudded up, so we took Ventura. At points, that was half under water! From what I understand, both Sunset and the McClure tunnel were closed, and at some point earlier in the day, Kanan Dume was closed (forcing the office manager to go all the way out to Las Posas to get in). But we made it home.

We then watched the camp DVD (for Session 1). Actually, it was quite good. There was a long “Howie Potter” sequence that was produced by the Video Elective (“Chug“) that was, ummm, interesting. There was a good shot of S&F (in her orange shirt) as she got off the bus. There was also a “PeePee” song that was designed to remind the kids not to get dehydrated.

I think she’s re-energized about going next year!