Cruz Control Disengaged: Advice for my Republican Friends

userpic=political-flakesInstead of hanging in there and potentially creating a contested Republican convention (which would have been really really bad news for the Republican party), Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign in light of Trump’s win in Indiana (which is  really really really bad news for the Republican party).

So, to my Republican friends, a bit of advice. First, it is your turn to suck it up and sing:

You say the last election didn’t turn out like you planned.
You’re feeling blue and clueless, you just don’t understand.
You’re sad, sulky, sullen, moping and morose.
You’re woefully weak and weary, semi-comatose.
You stare at your computer screen devoid of any joy and hope.
You’re so depressed, you can’t get dressed, your noose is up a rope.
Just remind yourself, when you can’t stand it any more:
That we’ve been through some crappy times before

Next, I advise you to read this article from a Bush staffer, wherein he points out that it is much better to elect Hillary than to elect Trump. In it, he says:

To begin with, Mr. Trump has autocratic tendencies, and openly admires tyrants such as Vladimir Putin. In fact, his narcissism and cult of personality leadership style seem better suited to countries like North Korea and Uzbekistan than America. Trump has repeatedly attacked core conservative principles such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and American leadership on the world stage. He has incited the use of violence against his detractors, called on America to commit war crimes, and suggested the possibility of civil unrest if he is denied the GOP nomination.

Mr. Trump proclaims that he’s going to make America great again, but can’t provide any realistic plans for doing so; instead, he frequently resorts to scapegoating outsiders, foreigners, and minorities. The few policies that Trump has articulated would make America less safe, trample upon our most fundamental rights, and appeal to the basest instincts of the American people.

While I disagree with many of Hillary Clinton’s policies, she is clearly qualified to be president. She possesses judgment and self-restraint. She does not have a track record of irrational, risky, and unsound business decisions and public comments. She has a long record of public service. She can be trusted with controlling our military and nuclear weapons. Mr. Trump cannot.

Any Republican who claims that it’s better to elect Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton either lacks proper judgment, or has become so blinded by partisan ideology that they have lost objectivity.

As he notes, with Bush 43, you might have disagreed with his policies, but you knew he was working in what he perceived to be in the best interest of the country. With Donald Trump, the only thing you can be sure of is that he is working in the best interests of Donald Trump.

Hillary may not be perfect, but I don’t believe any president that we have had has been. But, as noted on Fox, she has a record of public service and working in the interests of the country, and of trying to find the middle ground.

So: In the interests of the nation, even though you may disagree with her, you can’t pull the country-destruct lever and elect Trump. In fact, I’m going to go so far to suggest you vote for Hillary, and your favorite Republican candidates for the Senate and the House. We may have four years of gridlock, but we won’t have Trump.

Now, there are those Replublicans amongst you who just cannot stomach voting for Hillary in any way. I can appreciate that. Then either don’t vote for the office of President, or vote for the Libertarian or another third party candidate. Just do not vote for Trump. [Note: This does not apply to you Democrats. You need to vote for the Democratic nominee: either the likely Clinton or the less likely Sanders].

It is increasingly clear that this year is paralleling 1964, and Goldwater history will repeat itself. We are seeing a year of seminal change in the nature of the parties, just as in 1964. Johnson moved the Democrats to the side of Civil Rights, and realigned the party for decades. Sanders, even without winning the nomination (he doesn’t have a chance), is moving the Democratic party to the left. That will be seen in the post-2020 elections. Goldwater moved the Republicans to the right, and set the stage for Nixon, and eventually, Reagan. Trump is continuing the fracture of the Republican party between the radical Right and the moderates. The Republican realignment will also occur over the next four years, and we are likely to see a vastly different party emerge.  We may even see a three party system emerge — not the predicted growth of the Libertarians, but a split into Social Democrats, Moderates, and Radical Right. Why not in 2018? Simple. 2018 will be the year the new parties will be working to qualify themselves for the 2020 Presidential election.

The critical time is keeping this country safe and in good hands for the next four years. That means ensuring that Donald Trump is not elected. Hold your nose and vote for Hillary. Hold your nose and vote for a third party candidate. Hold your nose, and don’t vote for a Presidential candidate. Just do not vote for Trump.

As for the other races, vote with what your conscience and intellect tell you. We probably disagree, but I will respect your right to your opinion, recognizing that is working to find the common ground in our political diversity that makes this country great. We are doing what we believe is right for America.

Full Disclosure: Yes, I’m a Democrat, and yes, I’m currently supporting Hillary as the pragmatic choice. Here’s why. But I’m making the plea above for the sake of the Nation. There were many good Republicans that could have tried for the nomination. Some of them I might not have voted for, but might have made good leaders and worked in the interests of the country. Alas, for Republicans, that possibility has been hijacked for you by Mr. Trump and his supporters.