Snakes, Scotland, and Pipes

Royal Marines and Scots Guards (VPAC)userpic=ucla-csunI know it is a few days late, but I did want to do a quick writeup of the show we saw Sunday afternoon at the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC) (FB): The Band of the Royal Marines and the Pipes, Drums, and Highland Dancers of the Scots Guards.

This is a hard show to write up — there were no real production credits; you don’t get the names of the performers — all you get is the history. That’s on the page I linked above.

The program (from the program we were handed out) included:

  • Famous Songs of the British Isles: Donald Maclean of Lewis; Bravua, UK National Anthem; US National Anthem; A Fanfare of Daffodils
  • Standard of St George; Over the Hills and Far Away; Ceremonial Drum Display
  • Royal Salute; Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1; Heart of Oak
  • When the Pipers Play; Devil in the Kitchen; SIlver Spear; Mason’s Apron; Drum Salute
  • Highland Fling
  • St Patric Day; Gary Owen; Erin Shore; Irish Washer Woman
  • Tripping Up the Stairs; Scare O Tatties
  • Ice & Fire; Lord of the Dance; Killaloe
  • Castell Coch; All Through the Night; Welsh Clog Dance; Men of Harlech
  • Cullen Bay; Merrily Danced the Quakers Wife
  • Queen of the Rushes; La Baum; Stepping Up; Itchy Fingers; Clumsy Lover; Skye Boat Song; Alba; The Gael
  • Single Swords
  • Armed Forces Medly
  • Abide with Me; Sunset
  • Scotland the Brave; W’re No Awa Tae Bide Awa; A Life on the Ocean Wave

The performance itself was spectacular. I particularly enjoyed the vocalist during “Over the Hills and Far Away”, and the individual performances. Other than that, it was hard to separate performance — I just sat back and enjoyed the music.

Two observations:

  • The bagpipe is the only instrument I know with its own carrier wave.
  • Close order marching on the VPAC stage was like a game of snake: I kept expecting them to add band members from the wings to make it more of a challenge.

Short summary: much much better than our previous VPAC outing.

* 🎭 🎭 🎭 *

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