Going Straight to the Source 🎭 “An Act of God” @ Ahmanson

An Act of God (Ahmanson)userpic=ahmansonHave you ever wanted a relationship with God?

Have you ever wondered what God thinks of the world today?

Have you ever wondered if God answers prayers?

Have you ever wondered if God would revise the Ten Commandments, if he (or she) could?

Have you ever wondered if God was a Windows or a Mac user?

If you have, get thee down to the Ahmanson Theatre (FB) and see Sean Hayes (FB) in An Act of God (FB), which we saw yesterday evening. Yes, the evening of the Super Bowl. Great time to go to the theatre. It was empty, and our $25 Hottix became 6th row center! I’ll have to remember that.

In any case, back to God. You might have heard about this show. It is based on the book “A Memoir of God” by God (FB, TW) and David Javerbaum (FB). Well, mostly by Javerbaum serving as God’s ghostwriter. After all, if you’re incorporial, it is hard to hold a chisel (just ask Moses), or type on a laptop … and I have a feeling that God does not like Microsoft Word.

As I was saying, you may have heard of this show. It’s basic conceit is that God comes back to Earth and inhabits the body of a white male comedian, and expounds on society today, answering questions from the audience. On Broadway, God inhabited Jim Parsons. But even God couldn’t get Jim Parsons out of a contract with Chuck Lorre, and so for Hollywood, he inhabited Sean Hayes (FB). [BTW, I never noticed how much Hayes looks like John Ritter]

The show starts with a death. Well, think a blue screen of death. But it then goes on to God just sitting and chatting with the audience, and expounding on various subjects. God talks about the Ten Commandments, and decides to introduce a new set of commandments for today.

If you want a sense of the show, look no further than the bios. Here’s the show’s bio of God:

GOD is the original multi-hyphenate and triple threat, an auteur and visionary whose bold creations and intelligent designs have earned Him international recognition since Day One. Though best known for his performance art, He is also a writer whose previous literary efforts, The Old Testament and The New Testament, have collectively sold an impressive 7,000,000,000 copies. They have also been adapted numerous times for the big screen, most recently by Ridley Scott in Exodus, a project he regrets green-lighting. An Act of God is His first work written directly for the stage, although His 1827 comic romp The Book of Mormon was recently adapted into a successful, albeit unauthorized, Broadway musical. The current production marks his first appearance in California not involving the consumption of psychotropic drugs. God lives in heaven with His wife Ruth and their children Zach, Jesus and Kathy. He is managed by David Miner at 3Arts Entertainment.

So what are the New Ten Commandments. Piecing them together from various reviews, I get:

  1. I am the Lord your God. Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me
  2. Thou shalt not tell others whom to fornicate
  3. Thou shalt not kill in My name
  4. Thou shalt separate me and state
  5. Thou shalt honor thy children
  6. Thou shalt not take my name in vain
  7. Thou shalt not tell Me what to do
  8. x
  9. Thou shalt not believe in Me
  10. Thou shalt believe in You.

(The numbers may not be right, and I’ve forgotten one of them)

On each of these, as well as in numerous other bible stories (creation, Noah, Jesus), God (as Sean Hayes) expounds with a load of humor. Many targets are skewered, but especially the religious right and those who use God for their own purpose.

Will you find it funny? That’s a different question. If you aren’t extremely religious, probably. If you see the hypocracy in many who are religious, probably. If you’re a fundamentalist Bible belt thumper, I doubt it.

For me, it was one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in… a week (what a pair — this and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum)

I should note that God isn’t alone on stage. He is supported by David Josefsberg (FB) as Michael (the angel in the audience, representing the view of Man), and James Gleason (FB), who handles the Gutenberg.

[ETA: One additional note: On both coast, God has chosen a white male comedian. What would be the impact of this show if God inhabited, say, Rosie O’Donnell. Jamie Foxx. George Lopez. Margaret Cho. Would the impact be different, and why?]

God has a very simple set: a couch, some fancy stairs, a podium, and some projections, and loads of special lighting. These were created by creatives with God-given talent: Scott Pask – Scenic Design; David Zinn – Costume Design; Hugh Vanstone – Lighting Design; Fitz Patton – Sound Design; Adam Schlesinger – Music; Peter Nigrini – Projection Design; Paul Kieve – Illusion Consultant; Gregory Meeh – Special Effects. God was directed by Joe Mantello, as if God needs direction. Lora K. Powell served as Production Stage Manager, giving God his 30 minute notice. The production was entirely subsidized by Angels.

Seriously, go see this. You’ll really enjoy it. An Act of God continues at the Ahmanson Theatre (FB) through March 13th, and then it goes to San Francisco. God wants you to see this, and God wants you to pay full price and buy merchandise. Of course, if you are morally opposed to paying retail (and God knows who you are), there are discount tickets on Goldstar.

* 🎭 🎭 🎭 *

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