🛣 Changes to the California Highway Website covering August-October 2022

I know what I’m thankful for this weekend: Finishing these updates. Between the podcast, these updates, theatre, moving stuff from my office back home (a side effect of the ranch moving to a “hoteling” model if you aren’t in 4 days a week or more), and getting ready for ACSAC, it’s been hard to find the time to get these done. But done they are, so you can enjoy them as you get into the holiday season.

This update covers August, September, and October. Before we dive into the updates to the California Highways site, an update on the California Highways: Route by Route podcast. Since July, we’ve kept up the schedule of regular posting of episodes. You can keep up with the show at the podcast’s forever home at https://www.caroutebyroute.org/ , the show’s page on anchor.fm, or you can subscribe through your favorite podcaster or via the RSS feeds (CARxRAnchor.FM) . The following episodes have been posted since the last update:

We’re still looking for interviews for upcoming episodes in Season 1. Please let me know if you have any leads for the following episodes:

  • For 1.06: Someone familiar with CEQA and its impact on the highway construction process; also the impact of regional transportation planning agencies
  • For 1.07: Someone familiar with California’s state highway numbering, and in particular, with how post miles are used in California.
  • For 1.08: Someone familiar with AASHTO’s role in highway numbering.

Turning to the updates to the California Highways pages: Updates were made to the following highways, based on my reading of the (virtual) papers in August, September, and October 2022 (which are posted to the roadgeeking category at the “Observations Along The Road” and to the California Highways Facebook group) as well as any backed up email changes. I also reviewed the the AAroads forum (Ꜳ). This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(ℱ), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail or ꜲRoads) from FredAkbar(2), Tom Fearer(3), Matthew Goetz(4)kernals12(5), Jim Ross(6), Chris Sampang(7), Joel Windmiller(8): Route 1(3,5), Route 11(ℱ), Route 12(ℱ), Route 14(ℱ), Route 17(ℱ), Route 20(ℱ), Route 24(7), Route 29(ℱ), Route 30(ℱ), Route 36(ℱ), Route 37(ℱ,4), Route 46(ℱ), Route 49(ℱ,3,8), US 50(ℱ), Route 52(ℱ), Route 56(ℱ), Route 58(ℱ), US 66(3,6), Route 60(ℱ), I-80(ℱ), Route 81(3), Route 86(3), Route 88(8), Route 99(ℱ,3), US 101(ℱ,2,3), Route 106(3), Route 108(ℱ), Route 128(ℱ), Route 132(ℱ,3), Route 135(ℱ), Route 140(8), Route 156(ℱ), Route 170(ℱ), Route 198(3),  I-210(ℱ,3), Route 215(ℱ), Route 248(3), Route 256(3), Route 259(ℱ), I-405(ℱ), I-605(ℱ), I-680(ℱ), I-805(ℱ), County Sign Route J14(3), County Sign Route S31(ℱ).
(Source: private email, Highway headline posts through the October Headline post (as indicated), AARoads through TBD)

Added some images of proposed State Route signage to the State Route numbering page. Images courtesy of the ACSC and Morgan Yates.

Reviewed the Pending Legislation page, based on the California Legislature site. As usual, I recommend to every Californian that they visit the legislative website regularly and see what their legis-critters are doing. As many people are unfamiliar with how the legislature operates (and why there are so many “non-substantive changes” and “gut and amend” bills), I’ve added the legislative calendar to the end of the Pending Legislation page. We’re near the end of the session, so here’s what made it out of the process:

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