What’s Happening In My World

This is sort of a status update; sort of a various and sundry post. No, you don’t get my sparkling wit–I’m too tired, and I think I left my wit in my other pants pocket. Today, I’m at wits end. No, that’s not right…

  • Tomorrow morning, my wife (gf_guruilla) is having cataract surgery. I’m not that worried, because she’s got an excellent doctor. It will be a little more expensive than normal: my wife plans to get the Accommodative Lens, and insurance only covers monofocal lenses. I’ll be home tomorrow from work to drive for her.
  • As you know, I attend a lot of theatre and have gotten much better at writing reviews. Today, one of our regular theatres has put my review of their recent show on their front page, stating “Your writing about the shows is honest and well done, and I am pleased to be able to provide that to our other patrons.” Such kind words indeed.

    I was also pleased to get comments on another review by board members and company members of ELATE. This is a company very similar to REP East. Small group, talented actors.

Well, I think it’s time to go scare up dinner…


What I Would Have Posted Yesterday

Had I been able to post yesterday (it wasn’t appropriate to post from the meeting, and I couldn’t from the airplane), I would have called your attention to the following:

  • Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Star Trek. Yay! I do have to admit that I didn’t watch it when I was 5-7. I discovered it in reruns.
  • Yesterday, the Onion reported that Caltech Physicists have successfully split a bill. Quoting from the article:

    Sequestered in a private booth at a Pasadena-area Cheesecake Factory for nearly 25 minutes, a party of eight California Institute Of Technology physicists emerged exhausted but visibly excited Friday evening after successfully splitting the bill.

    This is a very funny article; you should go read it. Thanks to mommyathome for bringing it to my attention.


Various and Sundry: Only in LA, DVD-Rs, and Fountain Pens

  • Last night, they were filming a movie two doors down from our house. It is always a fascinating process to watch. Of course, I couldn’t find the movie (something called “Claire”) listed as “in production” in the IMDB, but it didn’t look like it was one of “those” movies.
  • Last night, for the first time, I attempted to use our DVD recorder to record. I suggessfully recorded a program from the TIVO to the DVD Recorder using “Save to VCR.”. However, when I attempted to finalize the recording, I got an Err-14 “DVD disc access error detected”. Very frustrating. Reading through the comments on Amazon, it looks like the device is very picky on the media it uses, and often fails on finalization. I’ll try what they suggest (unplugging the unit, waiting ½ hour, plugging it back in and trying again) tonight, and will see if I can find the recommended media. If problems continue to occur (and given that there is no firmware upgrade and we’re past return time), I think I’ll use it just as a DVD player, and buy a real DVD Recorder. Grrr…
  • I’m still trying to find out if one can bring fountain pens and ink cartridges on an airplane. I think, barring an answer, a pen and some cartridges will go in interoffice mail to myself at our Columbia MD office tomorrow. I did send this question to TSA, but so far, no response other than a daily “We’ve received your email” message.

Weekend Update

  • Last night, we watched the series premier of Psych. Very, very good. Why can’t these shows (Monk and Psych) show up on the broadcast channels; instead, we get Americas Got Talent. Least Common Denominator, and all that rot…
  • This is a quiet weekend in some respects. NSS&F is down in Orange County visiting her aunt. Up here, it’s just the two of us. Although that does have some advantages, it does lead to an awfully quiet house. No, don’t send your kids.
  • So what are we doing today? The usual: cleaning the house, doing laundry. Given the predicted heat (105°F), we might go swimming.
  • This evening, however, we are going to be outside in Newbery Park at Drums Across The Pacific. The line-up is: Blue Devils B (Concord, CA); Blue Devils C (Concord, CA); Dream (Irvine, CA); Esperanza (San Diego, CA); Hawthorne Gold (Hawthorne, CA); Impulse (Buena Park, CA); Jester (Phoenix, AZ); Mandarins (Sacramento, CA); Mystikal (Newbury Park, CA); Pacific Crest (Diamond Bar, CA); Renegades (Palo Alto, CA); River City Regiment (Sacramento, CA); The Academy (Tempe, AZ); Vanguard Cadets (Santa Clara, CA); Yamato (Riverside, CA/Kyoto, Japan); and the Edmonton Sabers Marching Band from Edmonton-Alberta, Canada. These are mostly B and C corps (smaller, younger), although there is at least one Division I corp (Mandarins). It should be a good show. If folks want to join us, it is $20/ticket, cash, at the gate.
  • Sunday morning we’ll likely go to the Encino Farmers Market. Last week, the fruit we got there was *wonderful*. We also want to pick up picnic stuff. Why, you ask…
  • Sunday evening we’re going to a free Concert in the Park (at least, if the weather isn’t too hot). This Sunday’s concert is one we regularly go to: Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It can be a nice evening, if the weather cooperates. Of course, for this, the more, the merrier. If we get a group, I’ll bring a game or two to play as we listen.

It’s All Over But The Check

My Honda Civic has been replaced. Yesterday we went to Frontier Toyota in Valencia to pick up our new car. We purchased it through the Auto Club Buying Service, and the process was extremely smooth. Cudos should also go to Bob Corson, the Fleet/Leasing manager at Frontier, for all his help. We were in there around 2:40p, and out at 3:40p with the new car.

Bob was so kind as to take these pictures of gf_guruilla and me with the new car. Doesn’t she look cute (and the car is nice too!):


All that’s left in the car-tipping saga is (1) turning in the pink slip and getting the check for the old car; (2) finding the vandals who did this and establishing suitable and appropriate justice.

Today is the second vacation day I’m taking this week (although I’m doing a little work from home). Yesterday was running around and getting the new car. Today’s plans include running by the Auto Club to start the official insurance coverage [Update: It’s done, and only about $300 more per year], and going to the Hollywood Entertainment Museum before they close tomorrow (we tried this yesterday, but they were closed on Wednesdays).


Sunday Update

  • Still waiting to hear from Frontier Toyota, although as the fleet manager isn’t back until Tuesday, I likely won’t hear anything until then.
  • Been spending the morning cleaning the house. Where does the dust come from, anyway?
  • Right now, we have a gaggle-0f-girls and one very confused boy over for my daughter’s swim party (c’mon, a 10 12 yo boy surrounded by 10 11 and 11 12 yo girls). I’m hiding in the computer room.
  • Later, I’m going across the street to support a shiva minyan. The owner’s wife just died, the funeral was today, and they are making sure they have enough folks. Of course, you go (as will our neighbor). This is a very Jewish neighborhood, very different than our old one.
  • I meant to work on the highway pages today, but just wasn’t up for it. Maybe next weekend.
  • It’s around 95°F outside, with around 30% humidity. I keep thinking I’m in St. Louis!