“Real folk music long ago went to Nashville and left no known survivors.”

Do not go to Tennessee
That is what my Daddy said
But I knew Daddy was a fool
I listened to myself instead
      Do not go to Tennessee
‘Cause it would be a big mistake
They will treat you like a dog
And never give you a fair shake.
I was going out to Nashville; I was gonna be a star
I would have my name inlaid between the frets of my guitar
My videos would play on TNN and CMT
And the fans at Opryland would stand in line for me.

[Hank Card, Austin Lounge Lizards]

Next Wednesday, we go off on vacation (and a big “Woo-Hoo” is heard). We’re heading off to Nashville for a combination family reunion (Weinbaum line) and vacation. Friday Evening through Sunday morning will be taken up with the reunion, but beyond that, I’m looking for ideas. I know that we’d like to do the 4th of July Riverfront Park Celebration with 100,000 other people. Perhaps we’ll go to the Grand Old Opry, but the only date we can make is July 3rd when a group called Restless Heart is playing. Of more interest might be Bluegrass Night at the Ryman the Thursday night before the reunion (the Thursday night after the reunion we’ll be down Memphis way — we’re doing Thursday and Friday in Memphis TN). But what to do during the day? On July 3rd, there’s a Boat Parade we might go to. I’m sure the visitor’s bureau and AAA have suggestions, but I’d like to hear yours. Have you visited the area? What unique things would you recommend?

Here are some musings. There’s someplace my daughter has heard of related to the Civil War — it could be the Belle Meade Plantation, it might be Fort Nashborough, or perhaps Traveller’s Rest Plantation. There’s always The Hermitage, home of #7, Andrew Jackson. There’s the Tennessee State Museum. There’s the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Musican’s Hall of Fame. There’s the Frist Center for the Visual Arts or Cheekwood. There’s an amusement area called Nashville Shores, or Cooter’s Place. There are distilleries, but they aren’t gluten-free friendly. Those are just some possibilities.

P.S.: Four days, no headache!


Now, What Was I Saying?

  • We really need more van drivers. Out of our three drivers, one is on vacation for the next two weeks, and the other is on business travel four out of five days, at least. So, guess who gets to drive both ways?
  • I seem to have had more (mild) headaches than usual this week. My doctor has given me a referral to a Headache Clinic, with a relatively famous doctor who has an even more famous sister. Alas, (a) I can’t confirm the doctor or the clinic is a Blue Cross PPO member; and (b) because of the van and work, I probably can’t get in until the end of May anyway.
  • Adding to the headache, nsshere has been more whiney than usual this week. Parents, when dealing with your toddlers, just be thankful. They eventually turn into teenagers.
  • I did receive some interesting mail from Nashville. There are some interesting events when we’ll be there, although I don’t think we’ll be able to see Chicago, due to the reunion. We might be able to see Church Basement Ladies, which sounds potentially interesting. We will also hit the Let Freedom Sing celebration on the 4th.
  • We will be meeting shutterbug93 for breakfast tomorrow morning. Alas, we have no theatre this weekend. Our next show is Saturday 5/5, when ussens and ellipticcurve will be going to see Bush is Bad: The Musical.
  • That’s about it. I think this week has fried my brains. I hear they are quite tasty, with a side of fries.
  • And speaking of fried brains, I did want to mention some interesting passings this week. Of course, everyone by now has heard about the deaths of Jack Valenti, father of the movie rating system, and Mstislav Rostropovich, famous cellist and conductor. We also lost Bobby “Boris” Pickett, who did the mash (it was a graveyard smash); Warren Avis, the founder of Avis Rent-A-Car who always tried harder (as opposed to putting you in the driving seat); and Howard Larman, co-host with his wife Roz of the Folk Scene on KPFK, a seminal folk music radio show.

And with that, I think I’ll go lie down. I will remind folks of my Three-and-Three meme offer.