Random Musings for a Sunday Afternoon

Just some random thoughts and questions:

  • In light of stories like this (about voters deciding that both cuts and taxes are necessary): I wonder if voters would support a cut on corporate taxes if those taxes had to be paid on what was reported to Wall Street as profits, not the profit number after the corporate accountants were finished putting it through their grinder? Similarly, I wonder if voters would support lower corporate taxes but higher taxes on corporate executives, including figuring out ways to tax some of the sheltered income?
  • Riding my bike around various valley neighborhoods this afternoon, I noticed fewer houses with “for sale” signs on them. I did, however, notice more houses that were empty and/or abandoned, signaling there were foreclosures.
  • At least in our corner of the Valley, LA City is having a silly election: a full-on run-off where the only item on the ballot is a community college district runoff. That seems like a colossal waste of money to me.