Tales of Chum

Some late news chum, as a result of working through my normal lunchtime:

  • From the “Financial Tales of Whoa” Department: The job losses continue to pileup: Williams-Sonoma: 1,400 jobs. Providence-St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank: 95 jobs. Warner Bros: 800 jobs, with Clear Channel cutting 1,850 jobs, and Disney/ABC cuts expected soon. Intel: 5,000 to 6,000 jobs. Never good news.
  • From the “Re-tail News” Department: Prices go up and down. Changes to California taxes may turn Two-Buck Chuck into Two-and-a-half Buck Chuck. All sorts of retailers are cutting inventory and even going so far as to introduce special “Recession Lines”. Expect to see less high-priced items and more special events for regular shoppers.
  • From the “Cat Tails and Dog Tails” Department: The Mercury News has an article on a haven for cats: A place called “Cat House on the Kings”, which provides 12 green acres, with over 700 feline friends, field after field of grass to roam and a whole orchard full of trees to climb. There’s a five-bedroom house when cats want to go inside, and even the newly named Sadie Malone Senior Village, a cabinlike building with ledges by the windows for naps in the sun and two cat doors. For the dog lovers, the AKC has released its list of top-10 breeds. Nationally, the list is: 1. Labrador retriever; 2. Yorkshire terrier; 3. German shepherd; 4. Golden retriever; 5. Beagle; 6. Boxer; 7. Dachshund; 8. Bulldog; 9. Poodle; and 10. Shih tzu. For just Los Angeles, it is 1. Labrador retriever; 2. Bulldog; 3. German shepherd; 4. Golden retriever; 5. Yorkshire terrier; 6. French bulldog; 7. Poodle; 8. Pug; 9. Pomeranian; and 10. Maltese. You can find the Top 10 list for major cities here.

P.S.: Oh, and Obama’s inauguration did not cost more than Bush’s. There are just too many people writing about things they don’t understand.


Odd Pet News

A few interesting articles, all related to pets, in the news: