Sun + Fun + Friends = Good Times for All

Today, we had our first 4th of July Swimming and Gaming Party at the new house. Joining us were ixixlix and the Karate Kid, larymotrmn, for_the_byrds, Carol and Eric, Mindy, and NSS&F’s friend Shoshana. We munched down on delicious cheeses brought by ixixlix, enjoyed soda from larymotrmn, veggies from Mindy, and other goodies from other folks. I made burgers (beef, turkey, and garden) and hot dogs. We played Ticket to Ride: Marklin, Chez Geek, Word Thief, Category 5, and High Society. We swam. We swam some more. We swam some more. Good thing our pool guy was here this morning.

The funniest incident happened this afternoon. There was this small bird, perhaps a parott-ette (the picture was taken by larymotrmn), who landed on the side of the pool. He/She then hopped up onto gf_guruilla‘s chest. Both Carol and for_the_byrds are familiar with birds. He seemed to be a pet that perhaps escaped. for_the_byrds took him home to safety (he has other birds) and was going to take him to a local bird doctor to get checked out. He thought it was a young bird, and certainly was tame by the way that it liked being around people. As soon as I get some pictures and a description, I’ll make up a poster for our neighborhood. A bit of excitement for the afternoon.

Tomorrow, life returns to normal. I go off to work, and NSS&F goes to visit her aunt for a week. Saturday evening, we may be going to see Drums Along the Pacific in Newbury Park (if you’re local and want to meet us there, let us know). Sunday, current plans are to go see the free Preservation Hall Jazz Band concert in Warner Park (Woodland Hills), if it isn’t too hot. Again, if local folks want to meet us there, let us know.


Oh, my sore, sore back

First and foremost, Happy New Year to everyone on in LJ-land.

Second and secondmost, a big thank you to talonvaki for the set of California CDs.

On to the update. Last night was a small group, but good. We played a few games: 10 Days in Africa, Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, Carcassone, and Balloon Cup. We also had fun sitting and talking. I thank those that came.

This morning, I woke up to my back really bothering me. I’m trying to stay quiet today, and avoid lifting as much as possible. I just finished the 2004/2005 file transfer in my desk, and I’ll likely go lie down soon and just let it rest. Hopefully it will feel better so.

So, what are my wishes for 2005. Firstly, I wish for health for my family and those I care about. I wish for success in endeavors undertaken. I wish for happiness. This has been a hard year healthwise for lots of folks, and I really hope 2005 will be better.


Ah, Holiday Parties

Today, we had the family Chanukah party, delayed until everyone could attend. It was the usual family party: latkes, briskets, and special diets. Children underfoot. Interesting gifts: some hits, some misses. But we had fun, and I got a real neat book on musicals. More importantly, I got some stuff that I could spend on m’self without feeling guilty… there went the first page of my Amazon wishlist (well, mostly… 13 items, of which two are books (one for my wife, one for my stepmother); 1 is a DVD (The Great Race); and the rest are CDs (Follies (1971), Sherry!, How to Succeed (1960s), Sweeny Todd, Side by Side by Sondheim (1976 London), Lucky Stiff, Best of Randy Newman, Zorba, and two CDs to replace ones that have gone missing (which means they’ll turn up now): Boy from Oz, and Thor. Modern Millie).

Other than that, not that much to report for the day.

As a reminder: If you’re a friend of ours, and you’ll be in the LA area on New Years Eve, and have an interest in Boardgaming, please comment and let me know.