Reconnecting with the Past

Today, I got information (finally) on an event that I have been awaiting for at least 5 years.

My High School Reunion (30 years).

Yup. For some reason, as I grow older, I’m finding myself wanting to reconnect with high school folks more. I’ve monitored the alumni pages looking for news, and have even reconnected with some alumni on myspace (for some odd reason, I’m the only one from my class here on LJ). So I was very pleased to get a call from Joy Festa indicating that the reunion will be happening. It will be 11/10 at the Mountaingate Country Club. This will mean some slight schedule rearranging so we can also be at OERM for Thomas.

I don’t know why I’m excited about the reunion. It’s not like I was in the “in” group in high school. I hung around the math lab, ran the Computer Club with some friends, was in the 2nd tier “smart group” (1st tier were the AP folks). I was teased a lot, and was your typical nerd with a briefcase (no glasses). I’d say I’d show them I had outgrown that state, but when I said that to ellipticcurve, I think she had to hold the laugh in. So I’m not sure why: perhaps it is a means of reconnecting with the past.

I know some folks aren’t into their reunions. We never even heard about my wife’s 30th two years ago; I don’t think she associates with anyone from her high school. I guess it depends on what happened to you, and how you recall it through the mists of memory?

So, what about you? Would you go to your high school reunion? Would it need to be a certain number?


Connections with Things from the Past

Today’s Daily News has an article on a new book, Hollywood Escapes, which describes a number of locations in Los Angeles where movies have been filmed. The Daily News article, however, focused less on the book and more on the author, Harry Medved. As I read the article I kept thinking… hmmmm…. I know Harry.

(insert swirling effect and fade music here)

I moved to the Brentwood area of Los Angeles in 1971, and I rode the school bus to both Paul Revere JHS and Palisades HS. Harry got on the bus at the stop before mine (we were almost near the top of Kenter Canyon). We were both nerds, but of different types. I was the type that hung with the math and science geeks; Harry ran in different circles. He was also in the class a year behind mine (Class of ‘78). I do remember that we both got teased, for various reasons. I never really got to know Harry well, but I remember being part of the “out” group. I wish I had known his interest then; he would have gotten along great with my dad.

(and there’s a sudden jerk back to reality)

Reading about Harry’s life today, I’m pleased to see that he took his interest — film — and ran with it to make a career. He has authored a number of books related to films and assessing them, and has created a career for himself in the film industry. I’ve never had that ability to exploit my interests (theatre, highways) and combine them with my career (computer security). I’ll note that writing must run in his family — his brother, Michael, is also an author (e.g. “What Really Happened To The Class of ’65”), and (alas) a conservative talk host.

So, I decided to do a “blast from the past” and drop him a note. I got back an almost immediate response, pleasant as can be. I’m pleased. I have very little connection with folks from my high school days, and as I get older, I’m having a growing urge to reconnect.


Speaking of “blasts from the past”, I’ve recently reintroduced my daughter to the excellent program “Meeting of Minds”. This is because her “honors” Magnet History teacher is giving them assignments such as word searches and maps to color (yes, we’ve complained about this). So, as they are doing ancient cultures, I suggested proposing a Meeting of Minds type of dialog between notables in each culture. This would require lots of research by the students — but they are honors students, they eat this stuff up.

I’ve spoken about “Meeting of Minds” before: It is an excellent series by Steve Allen that would bring together 3-4 notable people from history for a roundtable discussion. When I last wrote, I bemoaned the fact that it wasn’t available yet on DVD (I do have 4 hours on a fading videotape), although the scripts are available. Last night, I dropped a note to the folks at, and got a reply that “there are ongoing discussions to bring this incredible series out on DVD, but when that will be is not yet known.” I’m pleased to see they are discussing it, and I’ll let you know when I find out more.


Old Friends Coming Out of the Woodwork

Last week, I wrote about how an old high school friend popped out of the woodwork and sent me a New Year’s Card (when I knew him, he was Catholic; he has since converted).

Today is also old home week. Today I received email from a long-time colleague and friend, Judy Hemenway, who I worked with on BLACKER (in fact, it was her husband, Jon Fellows, who got me into my current profession). Turns out she’s working on a project up here in LA, and we’ll hopefully be able to get together for lunch one day. I haven’t seen her in about 5 years. For those in the industry, she’s a former formal methodist

Next, I got an email from Marv Schafer. Marv is one of the true greats in the field, a greybeard, who I also haven’t seen in years. Marv now operates an antiquarian bookstore, Books with a Past in Glenwood MD. Hopefully, I can visit him when I’m out that way next month.

I so like blasts from the past!

P.S.: I now have an appointment to see the ENT on my ear infection. Yeah!

P.P.S.: Who can identify the logo in my icon (and I don’t mean the 1964 state highway shield)?


Old Friends

I love this time of year. I just got a New Years e-Card from someone with whom I went to high school, and of whom I subsequently lost track. He was Catholic in high school, and (from what I heard) subsequently converted to Judaism. My wife knows him from her days at CSUN. I hope we can get back in touch. Its neat when contact is reestablished!

One of these years, I’ll get back to sending out cards. Haven’t done it in about 6 years 🙁