A Relaxing Evening

First and foremost: Happy Birthday to elasticity, and to barelyproper‘s LiveJournal. Someone else I know has a birthday today as well :-). For all of us: Just imagine a birthday cake spinning, a tall and lanky man coming out and singing The Birthday Cake Polka: “Put another candle on your birthday cake…” [See, I beat everyone to the punch!]

Last night, my wife took me to Burke-Willams Spa to use the last third of her gift certificate. Unfortunately, there was a scheduling snafu… but the manager let us use the facilities, extended the certificate one month, and gave us mineral baths on the house. This was my first time at a spa. It was odd. Men are separated from women (which is normal). You go to a changing room and change into… a robe and a towel. The facilities on the “spa” side that I could use were the mineral bath, a steam room, a dry sauna, a jacuzzi, a cold shower, and regular showers with all the accessories (razors, shaving cream, aftershave, hair and skin products, etc.). I found it odd being in a room of essentially naked men—I don’t know why. In any case, I had a lovely 25-minute soak in a mineral bath jacuzzi, hit the steam room, hit the jacuzzi (too much chlorine), hit the dry sauna, and went back to the steam room. I really liked the steam room: I now understand the image of our fathers and grandfathers, old Jewish men, sitting in the steam room schvitzing and schmoozing… although at BW, no one spoke to anyone. There was a lovely eucalyptus spray that one could spray on the steamer to give you lovely smelling steam (that did wonders for my sinuses). A nice shower, a shave, and I went out to meet gf_guruilla (who had also had a bath, a shower, and who knows what else).

[Where was S&F during all this? She was home being watched by kuni_izumi (Val), the daughter of a dear friend of ours, and someone who is turning into a delighful young lady.]

After the spa, we went out for dinner. We meandered a bit figuring out where to go, and ended up at San Remo Italian on Van Nuys. We had a delighful meal, and came home.

S&F was having an allergy attack (she’s been having more of those since the Santa Ana winds started), so we gave her a benydrl, and sent her to bed. The sweetie and I had some cuddle time, and then went to sleep. S&F woke up around 1 AM, having trouble sleeping. We got her to take a shower, and she went back to bed. Hopefully, her day will be better.

So, what’s up today? Well, I’m sort-of taking the day off. I’ll do work from home in the morning whilst the sweetie runs some errands. We’re then going into Venice to pick up a coffee table my wife purchased. We’ll have lunch with a tech-writing-colleague of my wife’s, who will be working with my wife on a project (and they may do more together—my wife is getting back into doing writing). We may stop by the office to bring some books to ellipticcurve to bring back up to her dad, as she’s going up north this weekend. The family will go out for dinner (yum, greek food). Saturday is Games Day.

So far, so good. So, I’ll do my morning miscellany, and then get down to work.


Long Day/Anniversary Advice

Today has been a long day: I’m on East Coast time (i.e., up at 4:00 AM, at work by 5:30 AM for telecons that run from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM) this week, and working to catch up on all the vacation-accumulated debris. Naturally, I’m exhausted (and came home with a headache). Bleh.

A week from today is my 19th wedding anniversary. Following up on a suggestion when I asked about birthday gifts, I’m exploring a spa package for my wife. I’m open to suggestions on what should be in the package (i.e., what services—I’ve done some searching (link; link) and see different types of massages, facials, etc.), as well as recommendations for specific spas in the San Fernando Valley (sample search). I’ll note I’m not the most romantic person, which is why I’m asking. We are going to go out for dinner, perhaps a movie that night; ellipticcurve will be taking S&F and the Karate Kid to They Might Be Giants in Anaheim and bringing them back late that evening.

P.S.: ellipticcurve and I were talking at lunch about words such as Attorneys-general, Ladies-in-waiting, Mothers-in-law, i.e., words where you pluralize the noun and the noun is a prefix for the adjective. Is there a formal name for such words?


Birthday Wishes to my Sweetie

Happy Birthday to gf_guruilla:

Put another candle on your (gluten-free) birthday cake
We’re gonna bake a (gluten-free) birthday cake
Put another candle on your (gluten-free) birthday cake
You’re another year old today
We’re gonna have a party with your (gluten-free) birthday cake
Come on and take some (gluten-free) birthday cake
Put another candle on your (gluten-free) birthday cake
You’re another year old today
We’ll have some (gluten-free) pie and sandwiches
and chocolate ice cream too
We’ll sing and play the day away
and one more thing you’re going to do
You’ll blow out the candles on your (gluten-free) birthday cake
and when you do, a wish you’ll make
Put another candle on your (gluten-free) birthday cake
You’re another year old today

Happy birthday to you
You’re another year old today.

Birthday Cake Polka (Audio/Video File) [Real Media]

[Birthday Cake Polka: ©  1952 “Sheriff” John Rovick, Imperial Records, L. Penny and Commodore Music Corp.]


A Clear Head… A Good Day

So far, so good. No headache (I don’t know if it was the 24-hour Sudafed, or the Dark-Chocolate-Covered Expresso Beans that did it), and I’m actually getting stuff done. Wahoo!

Tomorrow is gf_guruilla‘s birthday. She’s indicated she’ll pick out her present either on Quilters Run (Thu, Fri, Sat, and Sun—ellipticcurve will likely join her on one of the weekend days, if not both), or while we’re on vacation in St. Louis. However, I must remember to get her a card today! (and yes, we’ll be taking her out to dinner tomorrow night).