News Chum Stew: CSUN, PIs, Words, Brats on Bikes, Wine, and Purim

userpic=bicyclingWell, it’s (ummm) Saturday again… time to clear out the miscellaneous accumulated news chum links:


Such Purty Words

From a Los Angeles Times article on the new Nissan Versa and Chevy Aveo:

And both repel the attentions of the opposite sex like Gortex repels water. These cars have the erotic charge of abstinence-based education, the epicurean frisson of room-temperature tofu.

Wow. Such purty words. And they keep it up:

And both are fairly representative of the suddenly sexy class of wee-compact overachievers that includes the charismatic Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit. Collectively, these cars offer considerable personal growth opportunities without the stale cookies of a 12-step meeting.

Talking about the Aveo:

Yet it remains determinedly nerdy. Tall sided and piled high like dorm-room laundry, the Aveo’s most notable visual feature is the big-and-proud Chevy bowtie and dual-port grille, direct from America’s heartland by way of the Korean peninsula.

My, my. Piled high like dorm-room laundry. Prose doesn’t get much better than this!


Linguistics Neatness

I found this while reading theferrett‘s friend’s list, in a post by sunyata__. It is an animated GIF, 988×200, that traces the development of the Latin alphabet from early Phoenician to our current day alphabet.

Click here for Linguistic Goodness

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