Life Imitating Parody

Earlier, I posted the link to the Parody “LA Times”. It’s scary when I go to the *real* LA Times and see headlines I think are fake:

Ho, hum, another not-the-Big-One: Swimming lessons, filming and pedicures are interrupted by today’s quake, but most people return to their routines fairly quickly.

Earthquakes in the movies: L.A. rocks through “Earthquake,” “L.A. Story” and more. Photos

Phil Spector endorses Barack Obama at murder trial hearing

‘Really, really scary’ in Chino Hills quake epicenter

Is it just me, or is the world turning into a parody of itself?


Ponder This?

The following was buried in my last post (the review of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers“, but I felt I would put it out on its lonesome. One of the actresses put the following ponderable in her bio:

If a cat always lands on its feet, and buttered bread always lands butter side down, what would happen if I tied buttered bread on top of a cat?


Political Jokes Needed

On Monday, I’m going to be seeing my doctor. Whenever I see him, he greets me with a political joke, usually about our favorite political joke. They are usually quite good (he has submitted jokes to Jay Leno and had them accepted). Here’s where I need your help….

In the comments, please pass on your favorite political joke. I’ll choose the best, and use them Monday morning.


You out of luck today. Banks closed.

[Today is Columbus Day (Observered); Friday is the real Columbus Day. As it is today that the banks are closed, it is all together fitting and appropriate to remind people why we do this… to give bankers 3-day weekends :-)]

In 1961, the humorist Stan Freberg issued Volume 1 of The United States of America, a musical telling of the founding of America through the Battle of Yorktown (Volume 2 goes through the end of World War I (“They’ll never be another war…”)). The first scene on Volume 1 relates the story of how the Indians discovered Columbus. As today is Columbus Day, I present a transcription of the scene:

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