Words of Wisdom: “Small minded = small bodied”

My daughter is so mature and intelligent (an extremely rare trait in a teen). I just had to share something she wrote on Facebook (with her permission, of course):

Small minded = small bodied
Large minded = large bodied

Sad thing is… it seems to be that way.

I’ve come to realize I am too fat for high school. I know, I know. This is where you all chime in, “Erin, you’re not fat.”

You’re right. I’m not fat. But I’m not skinny either.

And there’s been an increasing gap between the people who aren’t fat and the people who are skinny.

It’s ridiculous. Girls are striving to be sickly thin, going to extremes of not eating because of their low self image society has placed upon them. Perfectly beautiful and healthy girls. Just to be approved of. Just so boys will like them. Just to feel good about themselves.

Well fuck that shit. I want to EAT. And what’s so wrong with a healthy womanly figure? It’s not like I can’t move because I’m fat, I can move just fine. It’s not like I can’t find clothes anywhere because I’m fat, I shop in the same stores you do. And it’s not like I don’t see the same movies in the theatre, or go to different malls than you because I’m fat. I just like to eat. Because food is fucking good. And those skinny bitches (not to offend you. it just flows so nicely, don’t you think?) who walk around bitching about their thighs and how they haven’t eaten in a week need to sit down with me and eat a nice plate of ribs, because the goal is to eat ribs covered in barbeque sauce, not have your own ribs protruding from your chest.

But so many girls want that. So many girls think, “You aren’t thin until you can see bones.” No. You aren’t sickly until you can see bones. Healthy women have a nice percentage of body fat on them, it makes them more fertile and suprisingly prolongs their lives. So while you skinny bitches starve yourselves to fit into that size 0 jeans and die at 6, I’ll be eating ribs slathered in barbeque sauce till I’m 85.

But while I’ll be living to 85, I guess I’ll be living to 85 alone. Because it seems boys are in that same old malnourished bandwagon… BUT THEY GET TO BE FAT. Boys get to eat whatever the hell they want because they’re boys. Boys get to date whoever the hell they want because they’re boys. Meanwhile, us ladies either choose a life of loneliness accompanied by our plate of barbeque ribs, or we get to starve ourselves to death in order to find companionship.

Bull fucking shit.

Boys need to grow the fuck up.

Because, shockingly enough, fat bitches are nice too. And we’re probably better lovers than those skinny little bitches who are too tired from not eating to do anything. And some of us are intelligent bitches who can hold a conversation on something other than the fact that you burn calories by eating celery. And you know what? We can cook too.

Later, she added:

Or… what I really meant to say the first time less harshly. Love yourself. Because you’re beautiful and you don’t need to change yourself. Big, small, black, tall. We’re all beautiful.


Thursday News Chum: Summer Camps, Rental Cars, Plus-Size Reality, Crocs, and Odorless Kimchi

Some selected news items, gathers over the lunchtime perusal of the papers:

  • From the “Kramer Krud” Department: Swine Flu is impacting more than just the workplace. It’s having a big impact at summer camps, as reported by the NY Times. In Maine, there are 33 camps with outbreaks, and another 10 in the pipeline being tested—and some have 70 to 100 kids in isolation, so they’re running shadow camps for them! In Georgia, Camp Coleman canceled its first session because so many counselors got sick right before camp started that it seemed impossible to provide a good program. In Vermont, Camp Killooleet had one or two sick children on a Monday soon after camp began, according to its director, Dean Spencer, but that grew to 12 or 15 on Tuesday — so on Wednesday, Mr. Spencer sent all 100 campers home for a week. What about locally? Here the Jewish Journal has a report. As of the end of June, Camp Ramah in Ojai has one confirmed case of Influenza A and has sent home 26 campers and staff. Camp Alonim at American Jewish University’s Brandeis Bardin campus in Simi Valley has had six confirmed cases of Influenza A, and those campers all were sent home. As for the Wilshire Camps, they’ve had a small percentage. All Wilshire Boulevard Temple campers were required to take their temperatures before going on the buses headed for Hilltop or Hess Kramer. Camp Alonim also took campers temperatures upon arrival and sent anyone home who had a fever above 100. (update on SoCal camps here)
  • From the “We Try Harder” Department: The decline of the Big 3 automakers in the US has affected more than dealers: the composition of rental car fleets is changing. No more are the fleets composed of the poor sellers of GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Now they have the poor sellers of Nissan and Kia. At least this improves your chance of renting a Toyota.
  • From the “Television Reflects Us” Department: One problem in the past with reality shows is they haven’t reflected reality: you’ve seen model-sized wannabe-actors going after wannabe-model-actors (that was even true with the “Geek” show on the CW). According to CNN, that is changing: more reality-shows are casting plus-sized contestants, obstensibly because they look more like the audience. Of course, the point is far too often to make fun of them for their size, and encourage them to lose weight.
  • From the “Ugly Shoes” Department: Remember Crocs, those super ugly shoes. They are so last year. The LA Times is reporting on how Crocs have lost their popularity, and no one is buying them anymore. Of course, part of the problem is that they didn’t incorporate planned obsolescence: if your shoes are indestructable, no one will replace them. Crocs seem to be destined to go the way of Earth Shoes.
  • From the “We Are What We Eat” Department: Lastly, in a story that talonvaki would like, the LA Times is reporting how an enterprising Korean scientist has created an odorless kimchi. Just what the world needs. Next up: Limberger.

Various Chum Buried Beneath Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

Now that I’m starting to feel a bit better, some chum gathered over the last few days. You might not have seen these, given how Michael Jackson seems to have forced any other articles off the page:


Chum O’The Day: Dressing for Success, Couples Survey, Smell-O-Rama, Facebook Domain Squatting

Some observations from today’s lunchtime reading of the papers:

  • From the “Oh, It’s In” Department: The NY Times has an interesting article about how the fashion markets are increasingly addressing larger young women’s fashion needs, including new large-size lines at Topshop, Target, Forever 21, and other retailers. The article notes, however, that there is a backlash against fashionable and good-looking large-size clothes from those who think that America is too fat. Evidently, by only supplying larger women with ugly clothes, they will see the light and lose weight. Right. In other fashion news, the LA Times has an article about how to dress, and how not to dress, for a job interview. It seems that dressing for interviews is a skill that somehow never seems to be taught. This is clearly evident in Brooksville FL, where they’ve had to issue rules to employees to wear deodorant and underwear.
  • From the “They’re Just Like Us” Department: The SJ Mercury News (registration probably required) has an interesting article on a census study of gay couples vs. hetero. couples. Guess what? They are almost identical. These couples are about 50 years old on average, and about four in 10 have kids living at home. The average couple pulls down a little over $90,000 a year and four in five own their home.
  • From the “That Smells Delicious” Department: The NY Times has an interesting article on a new approach to dieting: aromatherapy pens that signal the satiety center of the brain. Of course, you could always just take Zicam and remove your sense of smell. But that has other risks.
  • From the “What’s in a Name?” Department: C’mon. You knew it would happen. People have started squatting on Facebook names. Part of the problem is that companies can only grab names for their fan pages when they have 1,000 fans… and can only grab one name for the page. This seems to happen with any service that gives unique names. Look at how many people grabbed accounts at Dreamwidth when it went full beta, just to grab their names. Will we never learn from history? This is one reason why both the Internet and Usenet has multi-level name spaces, not a single flat one.

News Chum O’ The Day

Some of the articles that have caught my eye in this morning’s perusal of the news:

  • From the “Sitting Around The House” Department: A wonderful You Tube Video from Joy Nash, ranting on some of the fat haters of this world. Our society has been obsessing over obesity, and it has become one of the few things that folks think is acceptable to pick on. It isn’t.
  • From the “Wooden Nickle” Department: Just imagine how this would play today: A president takes a bible, cuts it up, takes only the passages he likes, and makes a new bible. Discarded are every miracle and inconsistency in the New Testament. Betcha the religious right would rise up in protest at the blasphemy. But that’s just what Thomas Jefferson did. The result: The “Jefferson Bible”, a “wee little book” of 46 pages (even available online). Gotta admire those founding fathers.
  • From the “Take it all off… well, maybe not so much…” Department: It seems a nude beach near San Onofre will have to cover up. It appears its gotten a bit too popular, and the locals are complaining. Angered naturists plan to fight back. Almost reminds one of a Monk episode.
  • From the “He’ll Turn Over In His Tube” Department: Pringles aren’t potato chips, at least according to a British judge. Specifically, Pringles don’t fulfill the legal definition of “potato crisp.” This allows them to be sold tax-free in the UK. Under the law, most food is exempt from Britain’s 17.5% sales tax. Even so, the national tax office claimed that Pringles were covered by an exception for products such as potato chips, sticks or puffs “and similar products made from the potato, or from potato flour, or from potato starch.” Procter & Gamble’s lawyers argued at a May hearing that Pringles didn’t look like a chip, didn’t feel like a chip and didn’t taste like a chip, according to the judgment. I wonder if they really want that argument publicized…

P.S.: I’m still trying to figure out the best way to have LJ posts show up on a Facebook news feed (I only want public posts). I’m not sure if the RSS approach in the News section is best. Opinions?


Put Another Candle On Your Birthday … Run, It’s The Cops!

[An observation whilst the morning tea cools… note that the tea is black, no sweetners]

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that, as a result of the battle of obesity (being fought because UBL is overweight, I guess), schools have started to ban birthday cupcakes. For example, Orange County’s Saddleback Valley Unified School District now only allows non-nutritious classroom only three times per year, stating “A birthday doesn’t have to be associated with food.” California’s has banned junk-food and soda sales in schools. Districts are looking well beyond school lunches: vending machines, band fundraisers, booster-club sales, treats as rewards from teachers, concession stands at football games — and the ubiquitous birthday parties. Santa Clara, after heated debate, updated its nutrition policy, baning unhealthful food from vending machines and prohibiting teachers from dishing out candy as a reward, but granting a reprieve to birthday cupcake parties and cheese-dripping nachos at football games. In the Duxbury School District in Massachusetts, parents and educators in the Chandler School Council decided to forgo all classroom treats two years ago. The Westside Union School District in Lancaster decided that all classroom celebrations ought to be consolidated into one party per month and planned to emphasize healthful food in PTA and school newsletters but decided against a ban. Texas (you remember them: home to “Big Tex” and deep-fried goodies at the Texas State Fair) passed the Safe Cupcake amendment, which guarantees parents’ right to deliver unhealthful treats to the classroom — such as sweetheart candies on Valentine’s Day and candy corn on Halloween, sponsored by Rep. Jim Dunnam after a school in his district booted out a father bringing birthday pizzas to his child’s class. We’re also lucky that Google can still serve cupcakes as this is their 8th birthday.

So what do you think? Should the cupcakes be allowed for classroom birthday parties?


Placing the Emphasis on the Right Syllable

Yesterday, I posted a link to a wonderful post written by a sales assistant at Lane Bryant about the clueless skinny’s who walked in wanting to know why the store didn’t carry fashionable clothes in their sizes. The response showed how the sales assistant cut the skinny down to size, so to speak. Do read the post, it’s great.

Why do I mention this again? Recently, the news has been filled with reports about how obesity is bad for your health. We’re seeing all sorts of legislation coming down the pike to stop this epidemic. The level of fear, uncertainty, and distrust is rising. But of course, the hysteria is ahead of the science. CNN is reporting today that it may not be obesity that is the problem. Rather, the problem is the growth of diabetes (and of course, the two are often connected). What is not being asked, however, is why diabetes is increasing. My theory: our processed foods, especially the prevalence of High-Fructose Corn Syrup (as well as the use of artificial sweetners) have destroyed the bodies ability to regulate itself with respect to sugar. We overload our systems, and booom, the systems fail. We see this with the growth of food sensitivites, as we are getting more and more processed chemicals into our diets earlier and earlier, creating more sensitivities.

Body image is also a factor. Watch our entertainment media: the focus is on the skinny. Models? Skinny. This is unhealthy; there are reports starting to come out about the effects of too few calories.

We need to change the emphasis. We need to remove the emphasis on a particular shape, and put the emphasis back on health. There have been a few reports on some non-weight-related benefits of exercise. But we also need to see healthy role models, whatever the size. The media might be catching on to this: as a result of Madrid, they are now pointing out the dangers of super-skinny models. Many of us have known this for a long time. But the fashion industry isn’t changing. Sure, they are using healthier models… and the tobacco companies aren’t marketing their product to minors. A few companies are fighting back–good for them.

Of course, I’m posting this while I eat my lunch 🙂 But I should point out that since we’ve rejoined the YMCA I’ve been up there regularly: last Monday, last Wednesday, last Saturday, yesterday, and I plan to go today, tomorrow, and Friday. I’ve been doing at least ½ hr. of cardio (usually the treadmill) plus a number of strength machines. So far, so good (other than having to avoid the shoulder machines, as I did too much the first day).