Today’s Bike Ride

Today, I decided to challenge myself on a bike ride. I rode from our house over to Corbin, and then down to Ventura Blvd (rough map) and back. That’s a distance of just over 12 miles! As proof, I offer this picture. This was taken near Topham and Corbin. This sculpture of a woman looking up at a boulder dangling over her head has always intrigued me—and I finally got a chance to look at it up close.

By the way, using the scale at work, I’m now down to 206½ lbs. When I started this effort at the end of March, I was around 222 lbs.


Exercise Update

The good news: Rode my bike twice today. Once I went out Nordhoff all the way to Canoga, up to Owensmouth, then back along Lassen to Tampa. On the second, I went to TJs at Devonshire and Mason. The bad news is that on the second ride, I started to get a bit of occasional chain slip (at least that’s how I think to describe it… I’m pedalling and suddenly there’s a bit of a slip, and then things are fine again). So, I think I’ll take my bike into the local shop to have them look at it Wednesday evening. Hopefully I can get it back by the weekend.


So Far, So Good…

I’m on travel today, meaning today was my first day under the new regime (i.e., exercise and diet) on travel. I think I’m doing good — much better than I used to. I got a yogurt parfeit and a cup of fruit from Farbucks for the plane (instead of grabbing McD’s for breakfast and getting a box on the plane). At the hotel I worked out (30 minutes on the treadmill, 20 on the bike), plus I was good for dinner: I went over to Legal Seafood, and had grilled Salmon, spinach, and brown rice. About the only bad thing about the day was the guy who sat next to me on the plane who kept generatings SBDs (does anyone remember that George Carlin routine?).