Today’s Episode: “This Is Yesterday’s Post” or “Grrrrr. Earthlink.”

Well, I would have posted something yesterday, but Earthlink saw fit to have some system problem, and the DSL dropped at around 3:30pm. We had our tax appt. at 4:30pm (getting back around 6:00pm), and the DSL didn’t come back until some time between 1am and 5am, when I got up and rebooted the modem and found a restored DSL.

So, whatever I was going to write about is set by the wayside to comment on Earthlink’s customer service. I called them around 8:15pm last night. After going through their menus (I hate hate hate the “say it” type of phone menus), instead of an agent, I got a recording that said (essentially), “Call volumes are extremely high due to a system outage. It should be fixed in an hour. We are disconnecting your call. (click)”.

I’m sorry folks, but that’s not the way to run customer service.


Grrrr…. DSL Down

This is a warning. Our DSL went down around 8pm last night. I’m on dialup. A trouble ticket has been opened with Earthlink; the problem appears to be with AT&T’s lines (over which Earthlink is provisions). I won’t be reading my friendslist until the DSL is back, nor likely posting as much. This may also delay my posting of the review of {proof} (which we’re seeing tonight), and aaroads‘ birthday callout tomorrow.