Can You Help Us Clean Our Sewing Room?

A few days ago, I did a post looking for volunteers to help this weekend with a project. I did it in my normal conversational style, and it may have not been noticed by some folks. So, I’ll try it at the O-7 level:

  • This weekend we need help cleaning my wife’s sewing room: Unloading on Saturday, Loading on Sunday.
  • Volunteers get rewarded with muchies during, swimming and board gaming afterwards, and first dibs on any crafts stuff my wife decides to downsize.
  • We’re located in Northridge, about ¼ mi from the Northridge Fashion Square, and ½ mi from CSUN.
  • We’re a non-smoking household, and no pets (currently) to aggravate allergies.

So, are you able to help?


Cracks in the Mortar

This morning, I woke with a headache at 2:30am. This was one of those “back of the head” headaches, so I did what usually helps: sat under a hot shower. It went a way for abit, so I tried to go back to bed, but that wasn’t working. So back to the shower it was… when I got the idea to actually soak in the hot water itself. That helped a lot… it got it down to a dull roar that I could live with all day. I think it was due to the pressure change over night: we were back to cold winds.

So what does this have to do with the title? Well, a few weeks ago I got fed up with the grout around the tub. It had gotten cracked and yucky over the year, and none of my repair attempts had helped. Further, it appears to have seeped through the wall, causing wall damage on the other side. So we called out The Grout Medic, who replaced the grout with sanded grout. We also discovered that whomever installed the tub hadn’t put green board behind the wall, and hadn’t done the tile lip right. In any case, we got the grout replaced, and had one treatment for hairline cracks. How does that relate to this morning? This morning, I discovered that the new grouts is also cracking. This time we’ll get some sanded grout of our own, and I’ll keep applying it until the cracks stay full.

This house seems to like cracks. We have plaster based drywall, and I’m constantly getting cracks that I’m spackling up. It drives the family crazy how I’m obsessed by the cracks. But one day I’ll get them all.

Hopefully, tonight I’ll get a good night’s sleep, and do better tomorrow.


HVAC Update

Ahhh. Air conditioning ducts (except for the laundry room) are all reconnected. Tomorrow they come back and seal and insulate everything (and fix the orientation of the plenum grate in the office) so it will pass the pressure test required by code. They will leave, with us $4200 lighter, but much cooler and with hopefully lower electrical bills in the future. Oh, and the thermostat problem… turned out to be that vibrations knocked the door off the fan, triggering a safety. Its now fixed.

Oh… it’s currently 94°F outside, and the pool is 73°F.


Musings on: Vacation, Heating, and Bat Mitzvahs

  • We’ve now picked the time for our vacation. The plans are to leave Sunday, August 13 for Northern California (we’re driving). Monday and Tuesday I likely have testing in Foster City (yeah! chargable hours!) while my wife and daughter bum around. We plan on visiting friends (and that includes you, my LJ friends) in the greater San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland and Davis/Sacramento areas until Friday, August 25, when we drive back to Los Angeles. The interstitial weekend, August 19/20, we hope to spend in the Sacramento area, visiting our dear friend Rabbi Sheryl Nosan-Blank, spiritual leader of Or Rishon in Orangevale. Of course, during this time, we would love to visit with all of the folks on our friends lists in the area for conversation, games, and just plain socializing.
  • It’s hot. Part of the problem is that they didn’t finish the HVAC work yesterday. They only connected the ducting to two of the bedrooms, and then the thermostat got wedged (I think it is failing) so that the A/C didn’t kick on. Luckily, we have ceiling fans in most rooms. Yet, it is still 80° in the house this morning. I’ve opened all the windows before it heats up–they predict a high of 91°F today, and 94°F tomorrow.
  • Last night, I had Mozilla lose my profile. Luckily, I was able to recover it, but it still was a royal pain. Have other folks had Mozilla randomly lose its profile upon startup?
  • Last night, we had our second B’nai Mitzvah Parents meeting. Quite interesting, especially when Cantor Alan brought one of the moms to the bima to demonstrate a point. She seems like a real nice lady. We got to write blessings for our children. The kids made yads while we met with the Cantor. Afterwards, I asked my daughter how long a yad was? She didn’t know, so I told her: 36 inches.

And now to clean off my desk so I can work. I’m working from home today, because my sister-in-law and her family are coming over at 4:00pm to visit.