Death Trifecta

If you recall, the first two in this trifecta were Johnny Hart (Creator of B.C. and co-creator of The Wizard of Id) and Kurt Vonnegut (author extrodinaire).

Today’s news brings word of #3: Brant Parker, the other co-creator of The Wizard of Id. Interesting timing for Mr. Parker, right on the heels of Mr. Hart. I always found Id to be the better strip, and there are quite a few I find funny to this day.


Timing Is Everything

According to reports, Johnny Hart, the creator of B.C. and co-creator of The Wizard of Id, has died at the age of 76. I used to read both many years ago, but as Hart “found Jesus”, the strips (especially B.C.) had taken an evangelical slant that made them unfunny to me. Still, I find the timing of his death quite interesting, coming the day before Easter. Of course, the strip published today had quite the Easter slant.


See you in the Funny Papers

There are a number of comics and webcomics that I read. Most of them I read through LJ syndications: For Better or For Worse (fbofw_rss), Pearls Before Swine (pearlswine), Get Fuzzy (getfuzzy_comic2), Indexed (indexed_feed), Shabbot 6000 (shabot6000), Home on the Strange (homestrange). There was one, however, that I couldn’t get on syndication: Funky Winkerbean. I’ve really grown to like this strip–it long ago has outgrown its high-school roots. It has quite a few adult storylines: the war in Afghanistan, teen pregnancy, breast cancer survival, etc. Unlike FBOFW, however, these are handled in a realistic and adult manner.

Why am I discussing this? Because I just broke down and used my ComicAlert.Com membership to create a feed for Funky here. It is chg_funkyw. Now I don’t have to remember to check! Yea!