Escher in Lego

For her art class in Middle School, my daughter is doing a report on M.C. Escher. Whilst looking for some pictures to print, she found this representation of Escher’s work…done in Lego:


P.S.: About USC today… no one identified me as a spy. At lunch I walked a bit around campus. Overbuilt. People riding bicycles everywhere. Much more Trojan iconography than one sees bears at UCLA. College girls are still cute. In talking about the rivalry with ellipticcurve, she indicated that U.C. Davis’ rival was CSU Sacramento. I told her that Davis has a better opponent, for UC Davis’ rival is a real university (as opposed to UCLA’s)!


Barbie is Wrong These Days

[OK, Mates, I’m going to drop out of Talk Like A Pirate mode for a serious post.]

My daughter, Small & Feisty, just came over to me. She said:

Daddy, you won’t believe this. They have a Barbie doll with piercings. You can pierce her ear up to three times. Soon they will come out Barbie with belly-button piercings. This is so wrong. Barbie used to be so good. First she dumps Ken for an Australian Surfer, after having a lot of kids after not being married (do you know where all those Kelly dolls came from). Next she gets multiple piercings and all. What’s next, Tatoo Goth Barbie [she’s not joking: she really expects to see a Goth Barbie]. Shoot the stupid blond. How can any woman have that perfect of a body?

I’m so proud of my little girl.