Oh, Where Did My Energy Go?

I just have no energy today. I don’t know why, but I’m just feeling weary. I guess things catch up to me every now and then. We’re going to be moving a few boxes to the storage area, and I just have no get up and go. Luckily, nothing is time critical. Still… bleh!

This morning, I did have the energy to go get a haircut. I think he cut it too short in the back, but it will grow out. I also ordered a copy of Roxio Media Creator 7.5.. I do have Roxio 7, but I’m ordering this primarily to get the new Backup My PC, and it is cheaper to get the bundle. So I’ll upgrade. I did find a good buy on it at buy.com.

I also broke the holder on my cellphone today. Can’t someone make a belt-clip that permits swiveling but doesn’t break off! Grrrr. Off to a phone store to get a new holder.

This evening, we’re going to go see Doubt at the Pasadena Playhouse. It is really odd to be going an seeing a play about Catholics on the day the Pope died. The synopsis of the play is:

Are the sins of the past more painful in the present? Father Flynn is a neighborhood priest and teacher at a co-ed Bronx Catholic School in 1964. Has he fostered a casual approachability with students for evil intent? The watchful and stubborn principal, Sister Aloysious, suspects Flynn of abuse but Sister James believes the best in everyone. Explore this mystery about a suspicious nun, a boy, the Church, and a pragmatic mother’s attempt to resolve a conflict so relevant to our times. Doubt recently opened at Manhattan Theatre club in New York to rave reviews.

Tomorrow, gf_guruilla is taking S&F to a birthday party, and I’m going on a house hunting expedition with ellipticcurve.



Lunch with dieppe… good. Otherwise… bleh.

I woke up with a headache today. Two Excedringeneric this morning didn’t knock it down. I just took two more. Luckily, my roll for “amount of fires to put out” was low today, but still… bleh. It’s likely sinus, but I can’t take something stronger because I (a) have to drive the van home, and (b) have to pick up my daughter from religious school this afternoon.

Did I say “bleh”?


Tired… Long Day

First and foremost: I really wish this rain cell would leave LA. Right now, we need to call out some animal control trucks, for its raining cats, dogs, and elephants out there. At least something’s going thud, thud, thud on our roof. Excuse me: It sounds like 400 elephants are on our neighbor’s roofs shooting water out their trunks on our roof. Bleah.

I didn’t sleep well last night. S&F was having some trouble getting to sleep. She didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 AM, which meant I didn’t get to sleep until 2:00 AM. I got up at 6:30 AM. A father’s life…

It’s been a long day, on top of the rain. We had our dim sum run this morning, which was really fun. Lots and lots of goodies.

We came back and did an evening of gaming, with friends, neighbors, and some new folks like darkfuzzyheart. We played a lot of games: Ticket To Ride, Streetcar, 10 Days in the USA, 10 Days in Africa, Munchkin, Tigris & Euphrates, Fluxx, and more. We discovered yet another coincidence in the universe: darkfuzzyheart, who is a friend of ellipticcurve, turns out to be the grandson of someone of my father, grandpa_a, used to work for (and who was a good friend of his). The world is indeed small.

Well, I think I’m going to go shut this puppy down before the creek rises, and go listen to the pouring on the roof. Rain, rain, go away, and all that jazz.