California Highways In The News

I’ve just found out that the California Highways pages that I maintain were recently cited as a reference in the California Performance Review. This was a report by an independent government commission appointed by the governator that suggested ways to streamline and improve the efficiency of California’s government.

My site was cited in the section that talked about how to improve the efficiency of the state infrastructure. In particular, the report recommended that a number of state highway routes be relinquished to local agencies, and cited the history on my site to support the fact that intra-city routes used to be the responsibility of the city, not the state. I’ll note that there has been a trend to do such relinquishements anyway; witness bills such as SB 315.


The Most Expensive Part of Travel/Highway Site Kudos

I’ve begun preparations for our vacation, which is now in just over two weeks. You know what is turning out to be surprisingly expensive? No, not the airfare (we used miles for that). Just getting to the airport! Here are some comparisons: Supershuttle from our house to the airport is (for 3 people) is $122, plus tip, round trip. Primetime is less, about $104 plus tip. Taking a cab to the Flyaway and taking the Flyaway bus runs around $57. The cheapest is parking at work, but as we return on a Sunday, it’s around $35 just to get to the office to pick up the car! Sigh.

In other news, I’ve gotten yet another nice note regarding my highway site. Quoting from the email:
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