Lyrics: Birthday Song [Golden Bough]

OK, Folks, you know the drill. Allright everyone, let’s gather in front of our large, 13″, Black and White TV set, and watch as a tall, lanky man in a khaki uniform strides out, introduces himself as Sheriff John, and says “Today, we have a special request from [assignment: name] for a round.  So, those of you on the right, you’re in the “A” group. Those of you in the middle, you’re the “B” group. Those of you on the left, you’re the “C” group. Alright, “A” group, you start, followed by the “B”s and the “C”s. He plucks an “A” note, and sings:

We wish you a happy birthday
A joyous and celebrated birthday
For you dear [assignment: name]
We wish you a long long life


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