These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

userpic=levysEarlier today, Mark Evanier did a post where he talks about his favorite BBQ places in LA.  We only had two in common: a dislike for Dr. Hogly Wogly’s, and a like for Outdoor Grill (although he liked the one in West LA, and we hit the one in Northridge). In case Mark ever comes to the valley, here are some more he might try:

  • Mom’s BBQ. Vanowen and Hazeltine. Perhaps the best Southern BBQ around, with loads of good fixins.
  • Rogers Rib Shack. Reseda and Chase. Not that far from us here in Northridge. Alas, they took the BBQ eggroll (with pork and greens inside) off the menu, but they still have great Q.
  • The Bear Pit. Sepulveda and the 118. Classic Missouri BBQ, that has been around for ages and ages.
  • Rosies. Tampa and Nordhoff. They’ve been around a while, but I think they’ve gone downhill a little.
  • Ribs USA. Burbank. Ate here the other day, and they were surprisingly good (better than I remembered).
  • Reds BBQ. Simi Valley. Lots of food, but more of a sauce than a smoke BBQ.
  • Les Sisters.  Chatsworth. Louisiana BBQ.
  • Dickies. There’s one in Northridge now. Surprisingly good fast food BBQ.
  • My Brothers BBQ. Woodland Hills. Haven’t been there in years.
  • Famous Daves. There’s one in Simi. We never go there; they use soy sauce in the BBQ sauce.
  • Wood Ranch. We never go there — too corporate for our tastes.
  • Kansas City BBQ. North Hollywood. Minnette T. reminded me of these folks. Pretty good, especially before hitting a NoHo Theatre!

So where are your favorite places?