Observations on Television

Today’s lunchtime fare: some observations on Television:

  • From the And You Thought It Was Dead Department: According to CNN, the warhorse family drama 7th Heaven (which aired its finale last Monday) is not dead after all. Supposedly, CW executives hammered out a deal during the weekend with series creator and executive producer Brenda Hampton to return for another season, with cast members taking a pay cut from the salary levels spelled out in their existing option agreement, and a shorter guarantee for the number of episodes. Next year will be the “twin” year, for Lucy and her hub are having twins, Matt and his wife are having twins, Mary and her husband (now reconciled) are having twins. However, we may not see much of Matt, as the actor that plays “Matt” is currently the star of What About Brian on ABC… which was just renewed. We also get to find out if Simon hooks up with the Sandy (Haylie Duff), who showed up after Simon broke up with Rose at the altar. I’d ask if the show jumped the shark in the finale, but it happened long ago.
  • From the The Tribe Has Spoken Department: So Aras won on Survivor. I think more Danielle lost; it appears she won’t have won no matter who she picked. I really couldn’t care, as I was rooting for Cirie, one of the most stunningly beautiful Survivors there have been in ages, who did a remarkable job for an admitted couch potato. I was also rooting for Bruce, the teacher from Simi Valley, CA and a CSUN grad. Still, I think this was one of the better seasons for the show. Next fall is the Cook Islands.
  • From the Everybody Loves Saturday Night Department: NBC has announced their fall schedule. From the WTF? department is NBC’s Saturday Night, featuring… “Drama Series Encores”. Translation: reruns. You would think with all the pilots out there, they might try something new here. But, no, reruns. I guess all the good ideas are used up. Either that, or they don’t care about advertising dollars. I remember when people watched TV on Saturday nights.