Cahighways in the News

There’s a nice mention of California Highways in the Laurel Canyon Blog, in an entry talking about the never completed Route 170 freeway. This dovetails quite nicely this morning with mail I received about the recent relinquishment of Route 170 along Highland Bl, and the city’s plans therefore. Kevin Roderick also mentioned California Highways in his comments on the article in this post on valleyobserved.

In response to both of these, I wrote the authors the following message:

Thanks for the kind mention of California Highways ( in Valley Observed, which I have syndicated to LiveJournal as valleyobserved.

The Laurel Canyon Freeway is the the reason there is no interchange from the US 101 EB/SB and 170 NB… they were planning to build it as part of the 101/170 SB interchange. Again, major impacts would have been had on the communities in that area (including my congregation at Temple Beth Hillel, which I’d love to find the history of, in terms of the buildings).

You also mentioned the Whitnall Freeway, Route 64, still on the books. It would have made a major difference in valley commuting, running from the 170/5 interchange (the reason for the wideness), roughly along Chase Av, turning to the ocean around Bell Canyon, and continuing across Malibu Canyon to Route 1.

You missed the other major Valley freeway: the continuation of Route 14 from its current terminus at Route 5. Route 14 would have continued SB, working from Balboa to Reseda, and then going down Reseda, across the Santa Monica Mountains, then down Temescal Canyon to Route 1.

Thanks for a great blog