Usenet Cookbook

Now I know I’m out of it: I don’t even have energy to review stuff I brought home. So far, all I’ve done is watch movies… so far, Kentucky Fried Movie and Rat Race.

Who out there remembers the Usenet Cookbook? The Usenet Cookbook was an attempt by Brian Reid of DEC to collect lots of recipes, and mail them out in troff(1). The newsgroup died many years ago (I think Brian drove off in a Huffmobile), but we still have a copy, together with loads of receipes we submitted.

Why do I mention this? Because tonight we’re making one of them, slightly modified: leg-of-lamb-1. Yes, if you look at the address, you’ll see a real old address for me: {akgua allegra ihnp4 hplabs sdcsvax trwrb cbosgd}!sdcrdcf!faigin. That alone should tell you how old the receipe is. We’re using it on a leg of lamb we’re cooking on the rotisserie. Karen says she will also be making choc-pancakes.

Should be good. Now to have some soup for lunch…