A Day at the Faire

Today, we (ussens and ellipticcurve) went to the Ren Faire (after stopping first at the rummage sale at AndyCharles, an Estate Sale, and the Farmers Market in LaCanada-Flintridge). It was a lovely day to go the faire, cloudy in the morning, partial sun in the afternoon. We got there around 11am, did some shopping, and met up with dieppe and usqueba around noon. We had lunch (prices have gone up; sausage, cheese, and bread is now $7!). We did some more shopping: NSS&F got a lovely magenta faire dress; and I got a pair of brown cotton pants and a pouch. dieppe and usqueba went off to see a belly-dancing show, while our group went to go see Moonie (always a fun show). After the show, we wandered the rest of the faire, and did more shopping (mostly windows). At 5pm, we caught the combined Moonie and Broon show, which was great. We’re back home now… tired.

My garb is coming together; I even got a discount for being in garb this year when I bought my pouch. Who would have thought; I could have gotten involved with Faire so much earlier, as it was a real big thing when I was in the UCLA Computer Club (and the faire was still in Agoura). We had lots of folks active in faire: MPU, SMA, DSR, Matt, JSK, and more).

As always, a large part of the day was watching the people. I, of course, enjoyed the typical visual delights. I know my wife enjoyed some of the equivalent. More fun, however, was had watching the people in the really bad costumes; in fact, we tried to pick who had the worst costume today at faire. ellipticcurve will be writing up the results.

Now, to go collapse. Tomorrow: laundry, cleaning the house, and packing for a business trip.