Pick Your Birthday Song

userpic=sheriffjohnIt’s time to pick your birthday song — the song that (virtual) Sheriff John will sing to you on your birthday. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the List of Birthday Songs at blog.cahighways.org (it is linked off the front page of the blog)
  2. Look through the list and decide on the birthday song you want.
  3. Comment on the List of Birthday Songs with your choice.

That’s it. I’ll do my best to remember you want a special song (I sometimes forget), and will post it on your Facebook wall when Facebook reminds me it is your birthday.

The Small Print

  1. You must have your settings such that either Facebook or Livejournal reminds me of your birthday.
  2. Only comments on the List of Birthday Songs count. Selecting your song on this post, or on any of the reflections (Facebook, Livejournal, Dreamwidth, G+) of this post does not count. This is (a) because I need to have only one place to check, and (b) have you ever tried to find something old you posted on Facebook?
  3. New song selections supersede previous selections.
  4. Birthday wishes are posted to your Facebook wall or sent by PM on Facebook. If Livejournal reminds me, and we are not friends on Facebook and you have posted to your LJ within the last year, I’ll send you a birthday message on Livejournal. If you want your birthday message on any other service, indicate so in your song selection comment.
  5. The opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily those of SquabbMerlCo or its subsidiaries. Progenitorivox is not available, anywhere. Offer void in Wisconsin. Any resemblance to actual drugs, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any unauthorized use of your own judgment in the application of Progenitorivox is strictly prohibited. Progenitorivox may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball. Progenitorivox may cause drowsiness or restlessness in lab animals. Do not resume sexual activity while operating heavy machinery without consulting your physician. For erections lasting longer than four hours, insert your own joke here. If you experience psychotic episodes, you’re crazy. If death occurs, discontinue use of Progenitorivox immediately. If symptoms persist, consult your physician. All sales final. Batteries not included.


I started blogging/journaling just about 10 years ago on Livejournal. Over there the tradition was to do a birthday post when a friend had a birthday. The problem was, however, that I detested the traditional Happy Birthday to You“. Having grown up with 1960s childrens TV in Los Angeles, I preferred “The Birthday Cake Polka” (i.e., “put another candle on your birthday cake“) as sung by Sheriff John Rovack, a children’s TV host on Channel 11. This got me thinking about birthday songs, and so the first birthday song poll went up on SpunkyLizard’s birthday (2/1) in 2005. I kept adding songs over the years to come up with the current list.

Times change, and communities move. Livejournal is still active, although most of the community there has moved on. The current community appears to be Facebook, and so I’ve moved the birthday songs to Facebook, normally just doing the polka. Alas, Facebook doesn’t make polls easy, and neither does WordPress (the mechanism behind my blog), and so blog comments it is.

Suggesting New Songs

You may suggest new songs on any of the various posts, and I’ll endeavor to add it.  A pointer to the lyrics or artist is appreciated.