Good and Bad

Today’s been a day of good and bad:

The Bad:

  • We got the settlement statement on our refinance yesterday. There was an over $1,500 item for “TITLE HOLD PER LENDER”, with no explanation, that sucked up all the excess funds in escrow, to the penny. According to our loan broker, we should be getting that back, but I’m having him investigate it further, because it makes no sense.
  • I was slow getting out of the house today, and had to rush to pick up the first vanpool passenger. As a result, I didn’t check the envelope and didn’t pick up someone who should have been picked up. Luckily, they weren’t mad at me, but I felt real bad about it (they took the LA DOT 574 Commuter Express).
  • NSS&F had an accident in sewing class yesterday: an encounter between a needle and the side of her finger. She’ll be OK, but it did give us a grumpy NSS&F together with a grumpy daddy last night.
  • I’ve got a headache. I’ve had a few more of those this week 🙁 for some reason. Plus my shoulder has been bothering me.

The Good:

  • I got my copy of Traumfabrik. Now to scare up a game…
  • gf_guruilla finished cleaning her sewing room. I’ll see if I can post some pictures over the weekend, but this is remarkable. The room had been a mess for almost 6 years, since before our friend “Ami” (Karen Denise Pratt Holmes) died. The mess just moved from the old house to the new house. The cleaning occured thanks to motivation from my sister-in-law, who made a bet with my wife as to who could clean their respective rooms first; the loser got the winner’s children for a week. Must as we love H’s kids, a week with a 6 year old and a 2 year old would be a bit much. Made for great motivation!
  • We’ve got the home warranty folks coming out to look at our oven. The lower oven is taking over an hour to rise 200°. If we get this fixed, it means we probably don’t need to renew the home warranty, as anything left likely to break isn’t covered (we’ve already replaced the pool moter and filter, have a new water heater, have a working HVAC unit… and they don’t cover digging through the slab for a broken pipe, and the delta for a “line rooting” is only 20$ from our discount rooter-guy).
  • This evening we’re going to a party being thrown by our Level 4*. Tomorrow is RenFaire. If you’re in Southern California and you’re going, we’d love to meet up with you.
  • I’ve been making good progress on this document I’m writing. In the last 3 days, it has grown from nothing to over 70 pages, and I’ve got lots more content to add to it.

Well, lunchtime is almost over, so it is back to work for me.

*: Our company has 7 levels. The president of the company is a Level 7. A Member of the Technical Staff is a Level 1. I’m currently a Level 3 on the technical ladder.