Reminder: Ren Faire This Weekend

I posted this earlier in the week, but got no local responses… so, I’ll try again…

This Saturday (4/29), ussens (i.e., Mr. and Mr. Hwyguy and NSS&F), together with ellipticcurve, will be going to the SoCal Ren Faire. We would love to meet up with other LJ folk, both those on our friends list, and friends of friends.

So: If you are going to be at Faire on Saturday (or have LJ friends that will be):

  1. Let them know about this post. We would love to meet new people.
  2. Let’s try to meet up near the washerwomen’s well at noon. I’ll be the one with brown pants, a white-ish shirt, and a brown hat. I won’t be wearing a red carnation. If that doesn’t work for you, let us know where, when, and how we can find you.
  3. If you’ll be there, give a shout out in a response to this post.

If you don’t have your tickets yet, I’d suggest buying your tickets online, as opposed to waiting in line at the ticket booths. It does appear there is a fee to do it online, however; there may also be discounts at the booth. Your choice.