Yak Hunting

userpic=psa-smileToday has been a travel day for me: LA to Charlotte to Baltimore. In fact, I saw the aircraft in my userpic (i.e., the US Airways A319 in PSA livery) on the ground in Charlotte, and I flew on the US Airways Piedmont legacy A319 from CLT to BWI. I really hope that the “new” American Airlines preserves the US Airways legacy fleet, adds an AA eagle craft to the fleet, and reaches back to add Air Cal, Reno Air, and TWA to the legacy fleet. But I digress…

As today was a travel day, I figured an article about airplanes was appropriate… and so, here’s an article about Yak Hunting. Specifically, an article about hunting down the remains of a Yakovlev Yak-40 in Liberia and conducting an urban exploration of the aircraft. Cool.

But I can’t do a single link to an article — I need to do things in threes. So I did some more searching. I found a really interesting article on a aircraft boneyards, focusing on what is done with both old military and commercial aircraft. I also found this article focusing more on the military boneyard near Tucson. Even more interesting is this article I found on how they recycle the parts of an aircraft. Alas, I couldn’t find the article I wanted to find: an article from Airliners Magazine from quite a few years ago about dismantling an old 737 and how they did it.

I also found  an interesting article on the death of Evergreen International Airlines. More aircraft for the chopping block, so it seems.