Standing in a Place of History

userpic=recordBack in 2008, a dear friend and co-worker of mine, Stuart Schaeffer (who has since passed away) introduced me to the musical group “Big Daddy”.  The conceit of Big Daddy is that while on a USO tour of Southeast Asia in 1959, Big Daddy was captured by Communist forces and held captive until the mid-80’s at which time they were rescued by the CIA  and subsequently returned to the United States. While being held at Camp David for debriefing, they were given sheet music of contemporary hit songs so that they could re·build their repertoire and get back to the only work they knew… making music. Of course, not having heard the evolution of Rock music during the quarter century they spent imprisoned in the jungles of Laos, they arranged and performed these songs the only way they knew how … in the classic styles of the 1950’s.

Big Daddy released a number of albums in the 1990s… and then disappeared again. These albums included a full-on mash of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, done in 1950s style, as well as other popular tunes. After 20 years  away, they did a Kickstarter earlier this year to raise funds for a new album, “Smashing Songs of Stage and Screen” — all movie and theatre music. Yes, you can hear Phantom of the Opera done as Monster Mash, or Supercallifragiliciousexpeallidocious done by Johnny Cash. Last night was the CD Release Party, and Kickstarter supporters were invited.

The party was held at Sunburst Recording Studios in West Los Angeles. This is where a number of legendary artists have performed, and significant projects have been recorded. In other words, “I was in the presence of greatness, man!”. Loads of recording equipment and neat stuff, loads of history. This is something I would have probably never been to, if I hadn’t taken a chance on the Kickstarter. Cool to the max.



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  1. Hey Dan- Tom Lee here from Big Daddy.

    Thank you for the more than cool writeup. We sure appreciate your kind words & support.

    I was wondering if we could put this review (or a portion of it) on CD Baby, as it gives a nice slant on the band, as well as offers the reason we do the things we do.

    Thanks Again, Dan! Keep on Cruising!


    1. You’re more than welcome to share the review (presumably you’ll mention where you saw it). I love the stuff you guys do (one of my favorities, as a folk music fan, was one of the songs on the Kickstarter bonus stuff that you do in the style of the Kingston Trio — I think it is Baby Got Back as Tom Dooley)

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