ACSAC Training Program for 2013

userpic=acsacI just realized I never announced the training program for the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC). Let me correct that now, especially as registration for the conference is now open. We have a really great training program this year during the first two days — a program that emphasizes our “hard topics” theme of cyberphysical security. I should note that these courses are in addition to the TracerFIRE forensics training program, the two-day Layered Assurance Workshop, on Monday and Tuesday, and the Next Generation Malware Attacks and Defense Workshop on Tuesday. The courses we are offering on Monday and Tuesday are as follows:

Morning Afternoon
Mobile Security: Securing Mobile Devices & Applications
Mr. David Lindner, Aspect Security
Integrating Security Engineering and Software Engineering
Dr. Antonio Maña Gomez, University of Malaga;
Dr. Ronald S. Ross, NIST;
Dr. Carsten Rudolph, Fraunhofer SIT;
Mr. Jose F. Ruiz, Fraunhofer SIT
Introduction to Reverse Engineering Malware
Dr. Golden G. Richard III, University of New Orleans
Analysing Android Malware at Runtime
Dr Giovanni Russello, University of Auckland
Finding Data Leaks in Applications, Network Protocols, and Systems with Open Source Computer Forensics Tools
Dr. Simson Garfinkel,
Authentication & Authorization Standards for the Cloud
Dr. Hassan Takabi, University of North Texas
Cyber-Physical Systems Security
Dr. Alvaro A. Cárdenas, University of Texas, Dallas

This, of course is in addition to the excellent technical program we have the remainer of the week. In addition to the cyberphysical security focus, we’re going to have special tracks dealing with system security engineering (our National Interest topic), and loads of great speakers and panels. I’ll note that I’ll be chairing and participating in a panel that is looking at the Legacy of the TCSEC after 30 years, and you don’t want to miss that!

Some come join us in New Orleans the week of December 9. Move your theatre tickets if you have to (we did). This conference is a great way to keep up to date technically, and we’ll provide you with a certificate you can use to support your CISSP CEU claims.