Being Product-ive

userpic=im-with-stupidToday’s News Chum has to do with products, or at least things that one might choose to produce…

  • Bad Designs. Buzz-Feed has a list of 15 products with self-defeating designs.  My favorite is the cardboard safe. Reminds me of many of our systems these days.
  • Placeholders. Tired of the normal “Lorem ipsum dolor” text. How about some special placeholder texts for various purposes? Yes, it is time to Meet the Ipsums.
  • Prancercize. You’ve probably seen it on the news and gone “WTF?”. Here’s an interesting article on how the Prancercize lady copes with Internet fame.
  • What To Make? Here’s an interesting article if you are trying to figure out what to manufacturer in a changing society. Make the tires. (h/t to Andrew Ducker for this one).
  • Being a Renegade. Lastly, I’ll mention something we’re doing on Sunday for my wife’s birthday (we’re we’ll likely find a lot of products): The Renegade Craft Fair near downtown Los Angeles. Sunday is also National Ice Cream Day. Mmmmm. Ice cream. How can I be productive now?